5 Excellent Methods For Helping Kids With Their Homework

No-one likes to take their work home with them – let alone kids. But in order to become the little geniuses we all hope they will be their homework has to be completed. Helping them get organised is the first step, and there are plenty of ways you can ensure it is done on time and to the best of their ability.   So with […]

Mental Health & Anxiety; Is it really OKAY not to be OKAY?


Mental Health & Anxiety. It’s okay to not be okay. Most of us have probably heard this saying, but what does it mean? It’s means that it’s ok if you; Freak out over forgotten plans Crumble at social events Shout at your children These are just examples. We have all felt like this at some […]

Hape Robot Factory Domino Set

Hape Robot Factory Domino

I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative toys and gadgets. When Hape got in touch to review their Robot Factory Domino set I was very much looking forward to it. Wooden toys are my all time favourite. They’re much more eco-friendly and the quality is just so much better than plastic. The website […]

Things To Consider When Moving Home #Ad

moving home

We recently put our home on the market. We’d been talking about moving for quite a while and we had decided our main reasons to move was to get off the main road and also to have a garden. At present we currently have a back yard, it’s not huge but it’s not tiny either. […]

A Relaxed Half Term!

bike ride

Over this past half term I have been determined to spend more time outdoors with the children. We do actually go out quite a lot already but since both my children have now learned to ride their bikes without the stabilisers it got me thinking about days out. Most weekends you can find us down […]