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    My Google History

    You may care, you probably don’t in actual fact, but I’m going to write in anyway! What else is there to do when you’re stuck in front of a computer on a rainy, windy day thanks to Storm Brendan than write about random shit? Answers on a postcard please! I don’t know why I decided to write this in all honestly but what the heck I have a spare ten minutes and maybe it’ll help you pass five minutes of boredom in your life. Maybe you’re on the train or at a dull business meeting. Anyway here goes… Okay, so yea pretty boring I guess, or are you intrigued? Charles…

  • number plates

    Everything You Need To Know About Number Plates

    Although you may not realise it, registration plates have a wealth of history and there have been many changes in the last 100 years in regard to how they are displayed. Not only this, but there are several rules and regulations put in place by the DVLA to ensure that they are clear and readable in-case of an incident or theft. Whether you’ve got a normal or private number plate, there are several things you should know about your registration plate and its importance to your vehicle. The history of number plates Number plates were first introduced in France in 1893, however, it wasn’t until 1904 that they were finally…

  • MOT Test

    3 Basic Things to Check before MOT testing

    MOT cannot be neglected – no matter what type or model of vehicle you drive. MOT Testing makes sure that both major and minor defects in your car are highlighted so it is safe for you to be on the road. Interesting thing is, most of the issues spotted during a MOT test can be maintained by simple car maintenance and regular vehicle care. Without passing MOT, you can be faced with penalty as per UK law. You can follow these tips and go prepared before getting your car tested! Check your vehicle’s oil Having optimum levels of fuel is very important because if there is no fuel in your…

  • Glendevon Grey

    Our New Howdens Kitchen!

    Having lived in our home just over 6 years, we decided it was time to think about replacing our very outdated kitchen. The kitchen had grey pebbledash worktops, dark wood cupboards and awful brown vinyl tiles on the floor. Plus it was falling apart and the shelves were bowing. We spoke to one of the local mums from the kids school who recommended Howdens Kitchens and passed on the details of a local trader. We made an appointment and they came around to measure up and book us in for a design appointment. Design Appointment At the appointment we were able to see our current kitchen on a big screen…

  • second hand car guide

    Ad| A Guide To Buying A Second Hand Car

    I remember when I passed my driving test I was very excited to go out and choose my very own first car! I went to the dealership and bought it brand new, a little Renault Clio. I loved it. I had this car up until the point when we decided to start a family, then we realised we would need a bigger car. However we could no longer afford to buy new so we set our sights on a second hand family car. We chose another Renault, having experience with Renaults we were sure we wouldn’t be wrong. After picking the car up all seemed fine until I drove it…

  • tyre tread

    Tyre Safety Tips

    Tyres are such an integral part of our vehicles and keeping them in good condition is essential for our safety and for keeping the vehicle safe and roadworthy. In this post we have detailed some tips and suggestions on how to care for your tyres and how to keep them spick and span on a routine basis so that your vehicle is always safe and roadworthy. Elite Direct stocks a wide collection of tyres from multiple brands. You can visit their centre or order online. Essential tips that can help you maintain the health of your tyres; Regularly checking the pressure of your tyres If your tyre looks a little…

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    The Dangers of Driving On Bad Tyres and Tips for Tyre Care

    As any mum will tell you, there is nothing more important when you are behind the wheel than keeping your car’s occupants safe. When you have children in the car with you, you should make sure that you can brake and steer properly. In turn, this means ensuring you have good tyres fitted to your car. All too often, UK motorists fit inappropriate tyres to their car because they think they are saving money by doing so. If you end up hitting something as a result of having a poor tyre choice, then you will end up paying more over time due to the loss of your no claims bonus.…

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    Keeping Your Toddler Active At Home

    Okay, so most toddlers are pretty active anyway, in fact it can be quite a challenge to get them to stay still but recent research by ESP Play shows that over 1000 children are being referred to hospital as a result of obesity, this really is an alarming figure and honestly shocked me. Most days when the weather is nice we find ourselves going for a walk or to the park but we generally head home after around an hour, mainly due to our exhaustion as parents, where by our toddlers would happily stay outdoors all day if they could. We don’t have the benefit of a garden at our…