Mental Health & Anxiety; Is it really OKAY not to be OKAY?


Mental Health & Anxiety. It’s okay to not be okay. Most of us have probably heard this saying, but what does it mean? It’s means that it’s ok if you; Freak out over forgotten plans Crumble at social events Shout at your children These are just examples. We have all felt like this at some […]

Duplex Kidney; Heminephrectomy

Heminephrectomy; excision of part of the kidney. I have previously written about my daughters medical condition, her duplex kidney and how she would need surgery (heminephrectomy). I thought I would write an update as to how the surgery and recovery went. Overview During my first pregnancy at our 20 week scan all I kept thinking was […]

Baby Blues or something more sinister…

Photo courtesy of Ohmega1982 at About six or so months after my sons birth something in me changed. I become unhappy, aggressive, defensive, irratable, I was always tired and never had any energy. My body ached and I gained a lot of weight. Deep down I thought I had post natal depression. My whole family […]