• Ciao Gusto Santa Rosa

    AD| Ciao Gusto Santa Rosa Conserve Cake Recipes

    Did you know conserves such a jam for example are actually very versatile? Not only can you use them on your toast in the mornings, but you can use them in your baking. Ciao Gusto Santa Rosa have a great range of fruit conserves in a variety of flavours. I was challenged to create and share with you a recipe that includes the Santa Rosa conserve products. I chose the Strawberry and Apricot jams. Also availble are the Santa Rosa cherry and peach conserve. These come in 350g glass jars. Picking up all of your favourtie authentic Italian food and drink has never been easier with the Ciao Gusto Italian…

  • kippy evo

    AD| GPS Pet Tracker Review: The Kippy Evo

    Introducing the Kippy Evo pet tracker. Self-confessed crazy cat lady I am! I love my fur baby, A-lot! We had him from a rescue centre 5 years ago, he was so small he could fit in my hand, and he used to sleep on my shoulder under my neck. Then, he grew and grew and now my gentle giant is thought to be a Norwegian Forest Cat due to his immense size! This has just made me love him even more. My cat is very unique and is like no other cat I have ever had. He loves coming on walks with us, he just follows behind us and then…

  • Thames and Kosmos

    AD| The Magnificent Mars Expedition STEM Toy Review

    This week we were sent one of the new Pepper Mint STEM toys from Thames & Kosmos new range to review. What is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Taught through an applied approach. Rather than teaching these subjects individually, they are integrated into real world application. Developing children’s STEM understanding and capabilities helps young people to gain confidence in using science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their everyday lives. Thames & Kosmos Range The full range includes the Pepper Mint; Great Treehouse Adventure (RRP £35) Fantastic Underwater Voyage(RRP £35) The Daring Escape From Hidden Island (RRP £30) The Magnificent Mars Expedition (RRP £25) Also available are the smaller Master…


    Exploring STEM Subjects In The Home

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the four subject areas referred to as STEM. They can open up a phenomenal range of opportunities for young people in terms of their higher education and inevitable careers, as well as helping them develop enviable personal skills. There are lots of subjects that fall under the STEM umbrella, from Astronomy to Mechanical Engineering. Each of the STEM subjects provides pupils with highly transferrable skills that they can carry through many aspects of life. Some examples of such skills include the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, the ability to carefully and critically solve complex problems and the ability…


    AD| Happy Halloween with Feisty Pets!

    Your new spooky Halloween friend has arrived! Introducing Cranky Cathy, a very Feisty Pet! She may seem sweet at first glance but give her a squeeze and she may just surprise you with her grumpy scary expression! We were sent; Feisty Pets Cranky Cathy 2 Mini Feisty Pets (Lion and Teddy) Pumpkin carving tools and magazine Cranky Cathy What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by surprising your trick or treaters with Cathy answering the door! Police received a string of complaints from local neighbourhoods of prank doorbell ringers. Once on the scene, Cathy was found in a nearby garbage can eating last week’s meals! Cranky Cathy…

  • personalised canvas

    AD| Creating Personalised Canvas With Parrot Print

    As a mum of two I am incredibly proud of my children. What better way to show them off by creating a personalised canvas to display in my home. That’s where Parrot Print come in. Using their simple website you can create a beautiful canvas that brings your photos to life. Parrot Print is ever so simple to use. You can choose your own image to upload or select one of their own designs. There are over 800 to choose from! You’re bound to find that perfect wall art to feature in your home. Canvas printing starts from just £9.99 with free next day delivery (on orders over £20) and…

  • single sex school

    Should I Send My Child To A Singel Sex School

    The debate regarding whether or not single-sex education is a better option than a co-educational learning environment is an ongoing discussion amongst educational professionals and parents alike. You yourself might be considering sending your child to a single-sex school, in which case it is important to do your research and figure out if it’s the best option for your child. An all-girls prep school in Middlesex explore some of the pros and cons below. Less Distraction Many supporters of single-sex schools argue that they have fewer distractions for students. Often girls and boys feel the need to show off in front of one another but in a single-sex classroom they…

  • learning

    Should I Send My Child To Nursery

    There are lots of reasons why parents might choose to send their children to nursery, one of which being work commitments. As with anything, there are both pros and cons to nursery and only parents can decide if it’s an appropriate option for their children. For those of you who are on the fence, here are some thoughts and advice from a nursery in Somerset. Help Prepare Them For School You might choose to send your child to nursery to help prepare them for school. They will start to experience a structured learning environment and most importantly, learn to be away from you for an extended period of time. Nursery…

  • outdoor learning

    The Benefits Of Outdoor Education

    Outdoor learning is very advantageous to young people and undoubtedly a huge part of their education. It shows students that there are opportunities to learn all around them, not just inside a classroom. Outdoor learning is obviously quite a broad term, but generally speaking it refers to exploration of nature, experimentation, adventures and new discoveries. St Hilda’s School, a prep school in Hertfordshire, explore the main benefits of outdoor learning below. Nursery and Primary School Age Children Nursery and primary school children learn via sensory and physical experiences, making outdoor learning an ideal setting for them. Many children unfortunately don’t have a safe outdoor environment at home to play and…

  • Bunch O Balloons

    AD| Bunch O Balloons Party Range by Zuru

    It’s party time! Zuru Bunch O Balloons have sent us a fantastic party bundle to make my daughters 7thbirthday party truly awesome! Inside this beautiful package we were sent; 2 x Zuru Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons and Party Pump 1 x Refill Balloon Pack 12 Unicorn Surprise Unicorn Squad Eggs 1 x Pets Alive Magical Unicorn Having previously held most of our children’s parties in village halls we are well aware of hard it is trying to get everything organised. From the party food to blowing up countless balloons. This is where Zuru Bunch O Balloons have taken all the hard work out of party prepping. Zuru now…