Zimpli Kids Slime & Baff Gelli &Snoball Review

Winter has arrived early in our household, we don’t have snow but we do have snoballs! Thanks to Zimpli Kids.
Zimpli Kids design, manufacture, market and supply some the most unique and innovative children’s toy products on the market. Their most popular products are their Gelli Baff and Slime Baff.

What’s Included

Zimpli Kids sent us a selection of their products to review, these included;
2 x Gelli Baff
2 x Slime Baff
2 x SnoBall Play
Zimpli kids

SnoBall Play

The first product we tested was the SnoBalls. It is really simple to use. Just add the SnoBall powder to water and watch as it transforms into realistic snowballs. Each pack creates up to 16 snowballs. There are two packs per box.

snoball play
When we poured the water on the powder I wasn’t expecting it to work, I don’t know why it just seemed like such a small pack of powder mixed into an awful lot of water. However I was wrong, after a little bit of mixing the powder expanded and all the water was absorbed and we were left with a mixture that did indeed create realistic snowballs!

zimpli kids snoball
The kids couldn’t wait to test them out! Rolling them up and quickly throwing them at each other screaming with delight! Whilst they are incredibly fun I did find that they didn’t last long with the kids excitement they went through them pretty quick. We ended up making all of the packs so they children could enjoy them some more. I would recommend buying at least two boxes so you can ensure you have at least an hours play with them. One pack filled one bowl so make sure you have more on standby if you want to create more than the 16 stated snoballs.

Slime Baff

Next up the kids wanted to try the Slime Baff. Again it is easy to use, run your bath as usual, although the box states that it shouldn’t exceed 8cm. then add the green powder to the bath and wait 10-15 minutes for the slime to emerge!
slime bath

Again the kids couldn’t wait to get in the bath and it really was slimy. I would definitely recommend you use bath mats while using this product as it is as you can imagine incredibly slippery. My son definitely enjoyed the slime bath and he found it so funny that he kept sliding around the bath!

Gelli Baff

Lastly is the Gelli Baff which again you just add the red powder to your bath and wait. We decided to try this out in a bowl instead and we hide some toys in their for the kids to find!

I have to say I much prefer this to the Slime Baff it is not as slimy and has a nicer texture to it.

gelli bath

Overall we love Zimpli Kids products and will definitely be buying them again!
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