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Welcoming home a new baby can be overwhelming. Especially when your friends, family, neighbours and that woman who once took a parcel in for you all want to come and coo over your new bundle of joy. 
So what do you do? Do you let everyone turn up when they want to, do you hand out appointment cards or do you set your limits before baby is born? 
You may end up with someone feeling left out or upset that they weren’t the second or third pair of hands to be laid on your baby. For example your maternal grandma held your baby before your paternal grandma and now they’re upset, or one set of in laws didn’t get there first. 
It can be hard to please everyone, especially if you have a large family. 
When my daughter was born the last thing I honestly wanted was visitors. I didn’t have the easiest birth (although luckily it was quick), I was feeling uncomfortable and still in pain, and had no energy at all. I just wanted to rest and get to know my new baby. 
But within hours of our little one being born we were receiving phone calls from family wanting to come and visit. Not wanting to upset anyone I agreed, and before I knew it there was a small audience around my hospital bed. All wanting a hold of the baby. 
All I remember thinking is i just wanted to be alone with my partner and my baby. When visiting time was over my partner had to go too. So we had hardly any time just the three of us to bond. 
Now I am expecting my second baby I have set down some firm boundaries. I do not want any visitors at the hospital, after all the first few hours of my baby’s life I want to spend bonding as a family. Just me, my partner, daughter and our new baby. 
There will be plenty of time for visitors once we have settled in at home and when I’m feeling up to it as well. 
After all those first few hours are so important for bonding. I loved having my daughter rest up my chest, and fall fast asleep upon me, and when we had visitors I didn’t want to pass her round. I just wanted to keep her close. 
What did you decide to do when family and friends wanted to visit?
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