You Only Get 18 Summers

Everybody has had some point in their lives heard the phrase “Enjoy it while you can, time goes too quick!” Yes we all know this and nothing makes this more of a reality than having children! When you’re young, a teenager, you wish yourself older, oh I can’t wait to be older so I can have more independence, more money, buy my own place etc. You can’t see just how quickly life does pass you by.

That was me. I couldn’t wait to be older! I dreamed of the things I would do. I would have a cupboard in my house dedicated to nothing but chocolate and sweets! I would stay up as late as I wanted and go out wherever I wanted to go. Of course none of this really became true (apart from the chocolate cupboard, but sadly it’s the kids and not mine!)Anyway a post popped up on my timeline and really got me thinking, it was actually a bit of a shock when I realised it. We only have 18 summers! This relates to our children, we only have 18 summers with our children! Gosh what a scary thought but it’s true isn’t it, yes some may have more some may have less; if you have a grumpy teen for example who’s too cool to hang out with mum and dad!

This has made me realise that yes life is short and it goes too quick but that doesn’t mean that we will miss out.  I have therefore decided to create the ‘18 Summers Wish
List’. I will ask a number of bloggers to get involved too; more on that later.
Basically the ’18 Summers Wish List’ is a list of experiences, holidays, activities or just promises that you wish to have and make with your child before they fly the nest!

Right if you’re a blogger and you want to get involved there are two ways you can do this.

First you can simply write your own ‘18 Summers Wish List’ on your own blog, linking back to me as the host by grabbing the badge below to include in your post, make sure you share using #18SummersWishList on social media.


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Secondly for extra oomph and to read other bloggers wish lists you
can add your post to the ‘18 Summers Wish List’ linky below.
Don’t worry you don’t
have to think of 18, you can choose to do less if you wish or more if you can.
My 18 Summers Wish List.


At the top of my agenda is to take my children to Disney
Land. Simple one yes but my children are now aged 4 and 5 and I don’t want to
miss out on taking them while they’re still young enough to ‘believe in the
magic’! at the moment though we cannot afford to do this but it is still top of
my wish list!

Although I used to help my mum in the kitchen, peeling the vegetables for her. I never really learnt to cook and this is one thing that I was I had done. Yes I can make her cakes very well, but you can’t live off cakes sadly. So I would love to teach you how to cook proper family meals.HAVE QUALITY TIME.
I promise to give each of you quality time. At this age
you both have very different needs. My eldest can entertain herself and is
happy playing or drawing on her own but my youngest requires almost constant
attention. This leaves with very little time for my eldest and of course I feel
guilty for it, I feel as though she is not getting quality time with us. I therefore
plan to do more activities and games where we can all take part equally.


I’d love to take you camping, to experience nature up close
and to enjoy jumping in the muddy puddles and getting dirty and cooking on a
camping stove or BBQ. To watch the sunrise and play on the beach! I have very fond memories going camping with my parents and I would love for you to experience that quality time away from all technology.TEACH YOU TO SWIM
I want to teach you to swim. Your dad has never quite
mastered this and it has put him off doing a lot of things but he has got a lot
better and braver! Although you love playing in the pool you are at the moment
afraid to go deeper with your arm bands on. You need the reassurance of
something underneath your feet. We are going on holiday soon and I am hoping we
can make a start on building your confidence in the water.

I will let you be a child for as long as possible. play with the toys and do silly things because you are a grown up far longer than you are a child, enjoy the innocence and stress free life of a being a child for as long as you want!

To accomplish climbing a mountain. Anyone who knows my
husband knows how much he loves being outdoors and especially up a mountain! So
I’d love to take you to climb a mountain, family photo at the summit!



Lastly I want to teach you both to be kind and
thoughtful, and know that you can do anything that you put your mind to so long
as you’re prepared to put the hard work in! We will build you up when you are
feeling down, and we will stand by your decisions no matter what.I am tagging the following bloggers to share their 18 Summers Wish List;
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(If you are not tagged but would like to take part please feel free to add your 18 Summers Wish List post to the linky below)


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