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Content is key! It is the reason your reader reads your blog!
When choosing a title for your blog post I find it handy to use a search engine to look up the first few words of the blog post title im going to use to see what comes up first (as in the most popular) for example a recent post of mine Top Tips To Put The Kids To Bed was all about bedtime I could have quite simply titled the post ‘Putting The Kids To Sleep’ when I started to enter this is the search engine it suggested a more popular phrase that people search for was ‘Top Tips For Putting The Kids To Bed’ and there you have it my blog post title. In my opinion a blog post can be too short and it can be too long, you don’t want to leave your readers wanting more but you don’t want them getting bored half way through and leaving. I always aim for between 300 and 500 words.

It might also be tempting to add an image to the top of your post but try to avoid this, it is much better to write your text and then include an image half way down or after a couple or paragraphs. This is because when Google Analytics do their blog searches to rank blogs they only scan the first couple of paragraphs and if the first thing they come to in your post is an image, that image is read as the html code and therefore none of your actual content or keywords are picked up. 

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net
If you’re writing a post and it is relevant to do so, add in a link to one of your previous posts that relates to your new post. This keeps the reader on your blog longer which reduces your blogs bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who land on your blog post and then leave without visiting a second page).

Keywords are very important, if you are looking online for something specific such as a mechanic, that is a keyword. Basically it is your subject matter. Try to reuse your keyword a number times in your blog post but without it becoming repetitive. This will result in your post being higher up the search listings if somebody searches for your keyword in a search engine.

Make sure your images are professional and don’t have any clutter or unwashed dishes in the back ground! If you decide not to use your own images you must make sure that you credit the owner of the image you use in your post (for example, this is photo is courtesy of (owner name) from (site link you obtained the image from) such as freedigitalphotos.net which offer free images. 
Always use a font (Arial) that is clear to use and a good size font (12). 
If you are including a link, try to use the option that allows that link to be opened in a new tab so that the reader can still remain on your blog, rather than being diverted away.
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