World Letter Writing Day with Viking Direct

Viking Direct, supplier of office stationery, are celebrating World Letter Writing Day on the 1st September and have kindly invited us to take part in the celebrations via their international pen pal campaign. The aim is to celebrate written communication and friendship.

World Letter Writing Day was founded by Richard Simpkin, the first World Letter Writing Day happened on 1st September 2014. The idea is to encourage people to put pen to paper and write a letter to a loved one, friend or even a stranger. Simpkin wanted people to pause digital correspondence and allow the handwritten word to take its place.

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As a blogger most of my world is digital, I am on pretty much every social media platform there is as well as being on email and my blog. I am pretty much online 24/7. It is quite scary to actually think of how much time we spend online and how much of our lives are online.

My parents and their ancestors didn’t have this ‘privilege’ but I do wonder just how much of a privilege it actually is. Maybe it is more of a burden. Life is more fast paced and stressful now that we are digital. Gone are the days when you would have to communicate by letter and wait for a reply, same goes for telephone calls which are quickly becoming replaced with robotic non personal text messages.

I do have to admit I actually already have a pen pal who I have been writing to for a number of years, she lives in Italy. We used to write letters back and forth to each other quite often and we’d send little gifts as well. However, since the Introduction of social media platforms we found each other online and hadn’t written to each other since. Which is actually a real shame and I do miss writing and receiving hand written letters.


For this campaign I have been paired up with a blogger in Germany! Viking have invited a number a bloggers to take up letter writing. The hope is that after this campaign we can connect as friends, build relationships and learn about a new culture.

Now I wasn’t expecting this at all, but Viking sent us out some pretty awesome stationery to help get our creativity flowing! We were sent an amazing calligraphy pen set, personalised wax envelope seal, alphabet stamps, as well as personalised paper and a range of other pens to use.

viking directviking direct

I just had to think about what I was actually going to write to my blogger about. I decided to go with what our life is like living in Wales and a little about our area and culture. I did try to use the calligraphy pen but I ended up with ink all over my hands and I could just about sign my name using it. Must practice more with this as it would be amazing to learn to use it properly. I loved the wax seal the most, it is so unique and great fun to use, even if I did do it backwards first time!

I wrote all about our welsh mining heritage, and what Wales is famous for; singing, rugby, daffodils, welsh cakes and of course, Tom Jones!

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a letter arrive with the airmail sticker and foreign stamp on it. There is something magical about a hand written letter, it allows you to express your feelings far more deeply than via text or email. I find as I write I get into a flow and I expand on what I am saying in more depth and detail. There is a more emotional connection to handwriting a letter and I do get quite passionate when writing.

viking direct

My letter has now been sent to Germany, and I am very much looking forward to receiving a reply.  Thank you Viking for allowing us to take part in your campaign we have very much enjoyed it!

Be sure to follow #VikingInternationalPenPals on social media!

Do you have a penpal or anybody you still hand write letters to? I’d love to hear from you. You can comment in the box below…
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