Wicked Uncle Challenge

    Wicked Uncle recently challenged us to allow a grown up who has no children to buy toys for our children using their website. It is difficult to find the right gift when you don’t know what interests children have. 

    We chose a family friend who gladly accepted the challenge. Using wicked uncles website they were able to use the filters, shop by age, gender etc to find some suitable gifts. 
    They reported back that they found the website really easy to use and chose some great gifts for our children. 
    When our parcel arrived we all eagerly gathered around wondering what surprises lay in store!
    On opening the box we discovered the following gifts;
    My First Mini Greenhouse

    Butterfly Garden

    2x projector touches (1 Dinosaur, 1 Fairy)

    The mini greenhouse really is great and I think it’s fab for all ages. It comes with a compost disc, cress seeds, coleus seeds and giant sunflower seeds as well as gardening tools and instructions. 
    It’s so easy to use and we were quickly growing our own little garden. 

    The butterfly house is my favourite, again great for all ages. We had to send off for our pot of 5 caterpillars via the website or post. When they arrived we had to leave them in the pot and we watched them grow incredibly fast and big until they turned into chrysalides and were ready to be moved into the butterfly garden for their amazing transformation into butterflies. 

    It really was amazing to watch and the kids absolutely loved it and even more so when the day came to set them free. I was amazed by just how at ease they were with us picking them up and I even managed to pose some of them on various plants and flowers for photos. 

    This really is the perfect gift and a great way to learn about nature.
    We also received two projector torches, each comes with a number of projector discs so you can swap and change your photos. The kids had great fun projecting the images onto the wall creating a little show for us. 

    Our Wicked grown up definitely won this challenge and Wicked Toys really do have some fantastic and unusual gifts for all ages. 
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