Why your feline friend deserves to be treated everyday

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whiskas cat casseroles

We adopted Ozzie from a local rescue centre, we didn’t know
anything about his history. In fact we were just about to leave the centre with
no cat, until my husband saw them bringing in more and we went over to look.

Straight away this fluff ball confidently strutted over to us and allowed us to
pet him. He chose us I believe, and we knew he was supposed to be with us.

Ever since bringing him home I have fallen more in love with
him every day. We grew up with my mum having cats but Ozzie is the first cat I can
truly call mine and I can spoil to my heart’s content! He is my (fur) baby! 
We never had any reason to believe that he was anything other
than your regular cat, until he grew, and grew and grew! At his last vets
appointment he weighed in at just over 1 stone! The vet believes he may be part
Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. Despite his size however he is a friendly
maine coone cat

He quite often kneads and sucks his cushion that has been
with him since he was a kitten, leading us to believe that he was possibly
separated from his mum too soon.

He definitely deserves to be treated every day. He provides
us all with much love and affection, and after a stressful day when
he jumps up on my lap for attention head butting my face he really does make me
feel more relaxed. 
He quite often brings us “treats”, if you can call mice that
I don’t know but he carefully places right them in front of the kitchen door ready
for us when we wake up and come down stairs to see. He proudly stands guard and
looks at us like ‘hey mum, I brought you breakfast!’
He even comes on walks with us! The first time he did this I
was amazed. It was winter and the first snow had fallen that, our children had
never seen snow before, so we headed out over the park to make their first snowman,
and by our side Ozzie hoped and ran alongside us. He followed us to the park,
hung around while we were having fun, he rolled around in the snow, he ran
through it and then when it was time to head home I called him and he came and
walked back with us.

norwegian forest cat

 Ozzie my boy you are more than just a cat, you are part of
our family! And just like any family member we make sure you are well taken
care of. He attends his vets appointments regularly, he is brushed by everyone;
the kids love to brush him and really feel like they’re helping to look after
him. We feed him nothing but the best, he especially loves fresh tuna and

WHISKAS® wants to encourage
owners to feed their cats a nutritious diet made up of dry food or wet food and
a responsible amount of treats. They also want to ensure cat owners know how to
keep their cat happy with love, attention and play.

Here are my top tips for treating your pet;

they have plenty of toys to keep them entertained, especially if you’re in work
all day not only will this keep them happy but also prevent them from scratching
your furniture. I find a scratch post, treat toy and some little fabric mice
are Ozzie’s favourites, but his number one play thing is craft pom pom balls!
He loves playing fetch with them, yes he really does catch and bring them back
to us!

Set up
a solitary undisturbed safe place for them. Even cats  need time out every
now and again. They need a place that they know they can go when they want to
just relax or be left alone. Ozzie has his own corner of the kitchen complete
with his own miniature sofa, toys and his food and water trays.

sure they have access to fresh wet and dry food and water daily. I even leave
little treats around the kitchen and garden for him to hunt and find!

Egyptians used to worship their cats and why not! They are majestic animals,
cats show us in certain ways when they want attention maybe by meowing at you
or pawing you, don’t ignore them, make sure you give them lots of love and
affection, there’s nothing more Ozzie loves than a good brush!
Another way to show them
just how much they mean to you is by feeding them only the best. Now a few of
our lovely neighbours with all good intentions we found out had been feeding
him, whilst we love that he is the “village cat” we were concerned as
to what exactly he was being fed.
Ozzie being the confident puss that he is
would happily waltz into anybody’s open door and make himself at home! We
received many a photo of him chilling out on neighbours washing machines and even
sofas through open windows he would find a way in. We ended up buying him a tag
for his collar which read ‘please do not feed me’ and we spoke with our
neighbours as well as we didn’t want him not coming home because he was being
fed elsewhere. 

WHISKAS® wants to encourage owners to feed their cats a nutritious
diet made up of dry food or wet food and a responsible amount of treats. They
also want to ensure cat owners know how to keep their cat happy with love,
attention and play.

Whiskas kindly sent Ozzie a
selection of their Cat Casseroles to enjoy! We were sent Whiskas Cat Casseroles in Chicken, Duck and Turkey. 

And as you can see they went down a real treat!

whiskas cat food
whiskas cat food

This post is in conjunction with
WHISKAS® but all thoughts are my own
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6 thoughts on “Why your feline friend deserves to be treated everyday

  1. When I had cats, I always used to feed them whiskers food pouches. They also liked the whiskers treats. I’d shake the pot and they’d come running! Ozzie is super cute!!

  2. Ozzie is absolutely beautiful! I had friends in grad school who had 2 Maine Coons, and I loved them. My Bam Bam is a finicky eater, but I'll bet he would love the gravy in those Cat Casseroles. I'll have to give them a try. I just wish some company would come out with the gravy by itself…

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan, yes he can be fussy too there is one pouch that comes in all the cat food boxes that he just will not touch, good thing my neighbour has a cat I can donate them too. I do wonder actually if he would eat it with the gravy on, hmmm food for thought

  3. We had a tabby cat when I was a child, he turned up one day as a stray so he came to live with us, when he first joined the family he would eat anything, after a while he became the most fussy of cats#,thatfridaylinky @_karendennis

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