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What You Need To Know Before Changing A Tyre

People often ignore or are unaware of the effects the weather has on their vehicles. Car care is equally important, for a peaceful lifestyle and a stress-free drive, it’s essential that you take action in due time.

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Paying attention to the maintenance of your car is extremely important. The most important element of this being your tyres. Afterall they are the only thing in contact with the ground.

If In Doubt Check Them Out

We are all guilty of neglecting our cars from time to time and delaying that small repair for example. I am guilty of this too, just recently I had a slow puncture in my tyre, but I guessed it still had some life in it. Therefiore I headed to my nearest petrol station and pumped it up with air. I actually did this a few times. I have now learnt my lesson though, this could have resulted in a dangerous situation, so whenever I am unsure of anything concerning my tyres it’s always best for me to get them checked out professionally.

Negligence towards car care can lead to consequences that might over burden you.

car tyres

What preventative measures can you take?

A few preventive measures can be:

  • Tyre maintenance and replacement.
  • MOT testing to assure a safer drive.
  • Check the owners manual for information on your car, i.e. tyre pressure.
  • Change your oil, don’t just top it up.
  • Change your driving habits to ensure your slow down for speed bumps for example.

Re-Use Your Old Tyre

Did you know car tyres are responsible for thousands of tonnes of plastic pollution in the UK? (source) This is why it is so important to firstly try and see if your tyre can be repaired in the first instance before looking at a replacement. Of course if you do need to replace your tyre, why not ask to have it put. You could turn it into a decorative planter in your garden? or a funky eco friendly garden table or chair for the kids!



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