What I Wish I Knew: Having Baby No2

    1) They’ll sleep at opposite times to each other so you won’t have a chance to sleep when baby does. 
    2) Their bowel movements seem to have synced!
    3) It’s harder than you’ll ever imagine but more worth while than you’ll realise. 
    4) They will wake each other up. On purpose because it’s just funny and of course on accident when they play with their noisy toys or start yelling “sausage roll!!!” as loud as they can for no apparent reason. 
    5) Going out on your own anywhere is a mission! One wants to walk and run off and the other won’t stop crying. 
    6) The eldest will love the new baby so much but the moment the new baby touches one of their toys she’ll not want to know him!
    7) They play mum and baby. Well my daughter gets in a bit of a strop when she can’t feed or change or carry her little brother. Or push him around in her toy pram!
    8) You won’t want visitors to leave! Please take one with you! Please just let me have a quick shower, pop to the shop a cup of tea! Please!
    9) You will lose track of time. It flies by so much quicker with the second. Blink of an eye and oh my god he’s crawling!
    10) The first year is the hardest. I found once my baby turned into a toddler it was so much easier!
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