Weekend Box Review

Weekend Box deliver a special box containing a variety of fun activities for you to create with your child.
Inside each box there is;
·         Something to Make
·         Something to Explore
·         Something to Cook
·         Something Green
You can choose between their mini box which has 2 activities and is priced at £4.95, or their bumper box which has 4 activities priced at £7.50.
Weekend Box delivers fortnightly and you’ll also be able to gain access to their online Club House.
As well as subscribing for your own box you can also gift a Weekend Box to a friend.
I have to admit I do find it difficult on times to try to find new and exciting ways of keeping my children entertained, especially when its half term. I was very happy to have been contact by the lovely people at Weekend Box to review one their activity packs.
Inside our weekend box we had something to make – a parrot mask, and something to grow – a rainforest.
Each activity came with a little leaflet with instructions on how to complete them, as well as fun fact sheets and stickers.

My daughter loves anything to do with crafts, so she really couldn’t wait to get started. The mask activity came with pieces of card and foam, elastic, a glue stick and a little box of crayons.
The first thing she grabbed was the mask. She loved gluing all the pieces on and colouring it in, we even had enough card for her little brother to have a go too. She was very pleased with the end result and was promptly “flying” around the room with her mask on.
The grow a rainforest activity came with soil, string and seeds. You will need a plastic bottle to complete this activity. Both my children enjoyed putting the soil in the bottle and placing the seeds inside and I’m sure they will be very excited when they start to see them grow!
While each activity was thoroughly enjoyed by my children, I did feel that it was all completed and finished very quickly. I think if I was to subscribe I would definitely go for the bumper weekend box.
Weekend Box is definitely a great way to spend some quality time with your children and perfect for those rainy days. I would definitely recommend them.
To try your 1st Weekend Box for free – use the promo code KATIE317 when signing up at Weekend Box Club
For the purpose of this review we were sent one mini weekend box. 
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