Weekend Box Club Review

The Weekend Box Club is a subscription service that delivers

personalised activity boxes straight to your door. Each box contains an activity designed to get you some quality family time with your little ones.

In each box you will find all the materials you need to complete the activity as well as a certificate on completion.
You can choose the mini box for £5.95 (1st box £2.98). Inside this you will find everything you need for 2 fun activities you can either make, bake, explore or more. You can receive fortnightly deliveries, you will also gain access to their online Club House.

The bumper box is £8.95 (1st box £4.48). Inside this you will find 4 activities again with access to the online Club House.

Or you can choose to gift a box to a friend or family member, which would be a great for a birthday treat!
I received a Weekend Box to review. The theme of this box is face painting.

What’s in the box?

Snazaroo Mini Themed Pack – Summer Tiger

Snazaroo Birthday Party Face Paint Stamp Kit
The Mini themed pack comes with black, white and an orange face paint as well as sponge and brush. There is also photo instructionsprinted on the inside of the case.
The paints themselves are easy enough to use as is the sponge, however for me the brush really wasn’t great as it kept splaying and therefore not created neat straight lines, I ended up using the opposite end of the brush (the handle!) which was much more effective.
As you can see the results are really quite good, even for someone like me who has never face painted before!

This little set really does go a long way and we easily had about 3 hours’ worth of nonstop painting and fun with this set and if it wasn’t for bedtime looming they would have happily played with it for much longer!

The stamp set is also pretty good, see picture, when it comes to covering the whole stamp you do have to push it down into the paint and spin it around a bit to cover all of the pad. These were also great fun and the kids were covered in stamps!
I will say I wasn’t really looking forward to washing these paints off, but they came off really easily with some soap and water.For such a little box it does go a very long way and I would highly recommend The Weekend Box Club, it’s just perfect for rainy days!

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