We Transformed My Sons Box Room Into A Spacious Bedroom!

Making the most of a small bedroom can be a challenge.
Especially when you have little ones who have lots of toys but also want space to be able to play.

My son has the box room in our home measuring 7.8”x7.5”.
currently he has a double wardrobe and a toddler bed, however now that he is  getting older, and bigger we are
starting to have to think about how his room will change along with him.


box bedroom

First thing that needs to be done is to replace his toddler
bed with a single bed. This then produces another obstacle however as with a single bed in the room, there would be no space for his double wardrobe to go, so this too would have to be replaced. We were thinking either a single wardrobe, but I fear these aren’t that big and he may actually be better with a
chest of drawers, that way then as he gets older he will have the space on top for a TV if he wanted.

We looked at single beds but this wouldn’t really give him
more space, in fact he would have less space to play and for his toys. So we decided on a cabin bed / mid sleeper. His sister currently has one in her room and it certainly has provided a lot of extra space.
We managed to find one second hand very similar to his
sisters, all we had to do then was to buy the mattress and wait until the kids were in school to put it up!
I must admit I thought we would have it up maybe in two
hours max, but it did take use a lot longer, there were a few screws missing so we had to pop out to B&Q to get more but alas we did it and the difference is actually quite surprising.
mid sleeper

His bedroom looks a lot more spacious and for some reason a lot more modern too. We removed his wardrobe and replaced it with a chest of drawers and it really is quite a transformation.

Safe to say he absolutely loves his new big boy bed so much so that mummy and daddy have actually had our super king size bed all to ourselves!
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