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    Social Media is the lifeline of your blog! Without your blog will go unnoticed and fade into the void!
    Therefore sign up to every social media site you can, that you feel comfortable using.
    When you register though make sure you sign it up in the name of your blog and not your own name. its also very handy to have a separate email address that you use only for your blogging. This is especially important when working with brands as it is more professional.
    Create your blog owns Facebook page, here is mine as an example Mummy’s Diary From your facebook you can interact with your readers by posting questions and tips and always share your latest blog posts and hashtag! (more on hashtagging later)
    Other social media sites to sign up to; Twitter (my twitter handle is my own personal twitter @katie4_16, which obviously doesn’t sound like it is related to my blog at all, so it is handy to create a new account for your blog rather than using your current personal account), Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube (if you will be vlogging (posting personal videos)), Bloglovin, Googleplus. 
    Make sure you follow other bloggers, the more you follow the more will follow you. Interact with other bloggers also this is very important in terms of getting yourself known and can be very useful when it comes to working with other bloggers on projects such as linkys, awards and it is also great for sharing brand and PR contacts (if you have permission!)

    Twitter parties are also a great way to get yourself noticed and a great way to interact with and get to know other bloggers, and increase your following. It is basically a live chat which using a hashtag as the topic. Some brands/PRs will do twitter parties in the form of a question and answer session with a health professional for example a midwife, the hashtag might be #askamidwife. Other brands will host twitter parties which also offer prizes to participates who give the best advice or tips etc. Usually you will receive an invitation or email from sites such as Britmums or it may be announced on Twitter, do RSVP with your Twitter handle. To join a Twitter party you need to search the hashtag to find the conversation and ensure you use it in your replies.
    There is also a site called stumbleupon, which I am yet to register on.

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    1. I had a Twitter account for my blog and a personal account but it got too confusing. I still have two accounts and use the personal one but will still keep the blog one so nobody uses the blog name.

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