Useless Advice All New Parents Hear!

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Ah the news of a new baby is so exciting! 
Mum and dad imagine what it’s going to be like bringing their little mini me home. Peaceful morning cuddles together, joyous outings with no fuss, playful play dates. 
Inevitably you will be given advice from your parents, your friends, your hairdresser, your postman!
But here is some advice you will more than likely hear but don’t necessarily need to hear!
1) Get as much sleep as you can now before the baby’s born
Lets get one thing straight, you could sleep for the whole duration of the pregnancy but when baby arrives no matter how much sleep you’ve had, you’ll still be tired. Babies need to bed fed throughout the night and will wake themselves up when they’re hungry, there’s not an awful lot you can really do about it. 
2) Sleep when the baby does
That’s if you have the time! I mean there’s an awful lot to catch up on when your little one asleep. For example all that sterilising of bottles, washing dirty clothes, cleaning up sick, having a bath yourself, eating your lunch you made three hours ago! I always said soon as baby is asleep I’m going to sleep and I think in the whole 2 years my daughter has been here iv probably slept the same time as her about 5 or 6 times. 

3) You’ll never do anything you like for at least the next 18 years
Rubbish! Of course you will. You have family and friends who will no doubt be more than happy to look after your baby so you can get some well deserved me time, and even if you don’t, you can always take your baby with you shopping or lunch for example. 

4) The more they’re awake in the day the more they’ll sleep at night
The less they sleep in the day the higher the likelihood is that they’ll get a well rested night. Babies need at least 3 naps a day when they’re little and even when they’re a toddler they’re still likely to need at least one nap. Iv had days where my children haven’t napped in the day for one reason or another and they’ve ended up being overtired and not being able to settle well at night. 

5) Don’t let them have a dummy 
You’ll never get it off them! Yes you will, just made sure you limit awake time use as much as possible. My children will now only have a dummy for nap and bedtime or sometimes if they’ve fallen over and want some comforting. 
6) Don’t feed baby to sleep, he’ll never learn to do it by himself otherwise
Babies are almost guaranteed to fall asleep on the bottle, so why not let them?! It makes your job so much easier, rather than maybe an hour of rocking your baby with no luck. Do you know any adult know who can’t sleep unless they’re sucking on a bottle? No, exactly it’s a life skill that we all learn while we’re young. 

7) Change your babies nappy before each feed
I remember with my daughter I used to do this even at night. The only thing that came out of doing this was that I was actually waking my baby up more than needed. It’s fine to leave your baby in ther nappy all night, as soon as they start to stir fix them a feed and they’ll drift quickly back off, you both need your sleep. You can give them a nice clean fresh nappy in the morning. 
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