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Use Curtains to tweak your bedroom’s look this Spring with The Yorkshire Linen Company #Ad

We moved into our home almost 6 years ago. We decided the first rooms we would decorate would be the kids bedrooms. Once they were done we decided on making the living areas more homely for ourselves and for when visitors would came around. I guess we just never got around to decorating our bedroom. The walls are cream and it is has two cream built in wardrobes which also holds storage over the bed, the curtains were cream too however the carpet was purple!

We don’t particularly want to spend a lot of money on redecorating so we are going to make small simple changes that will have a great impact. Coming up to spring time we have already had a good clear out of things that we no longer needed or wanted and so our bedroom is now ready for us to work on. Although the carpet is purple we think we can work with this to add a pop of colour into our dull bedroom and bring it back to life with a fresh vibrant feel.

The Yorkshire Linen Company

At Yorkshire Linen they offer a huge collection of curtains be it pleat, pencil or eyelet. You can check out their range online.

Bedroom Curtains

There are a variety of curtains to choose from, including pencil pleat and eyelet. For me pencil pleat curtains have always been my favourite, they are very versatile in style and design. For example you can opt for printed or blingy, or a classic block colour, as well as then choosing textured or plain.

Yorkshire Linen

Readymade curtains are super easy to put up but they can also provide a quick way to revamp your bedroom. You can select various different tie backs to compliment and personalise your curtains too.

The Yorkshire Linen Company

Here are some reasons as to why changing your curtains can improve the appearance of your bedroom.

New look

By choosing new curtains it can change the entire atmosphere and look of your bedroom. Giving you that new style you have wanted, maybe more sophisticated or cosier. It’s super easy way to completely change the appearance and feel of your bedroom.

Extra features

Most curtains these days have extra features for example black out curtains can even help you to sleep better.


Summer will soon be here and by changing your curtains to a lighter, airy style you will feel fresh for summer and let light that sunshine in.


Curtains can add a modern appeal to your home. Whether it be a bold statement design like black and white thick stripes or another geometric pattern, you’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

Create Drama

Using extra length, voluminous fabrics and bold colours can help to create a dramatic effect with a rich luxurious feel.

For our bedroom think we will go for a deep purple curtain with a bling tie back.

Will you be using Curtains to tweak your bedroom’s look this Spring?

Yorkshire Linen Curtains

This is a collaborated post with The Yorkshire Linen Company.

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