Under Age Drinking

One is seven parents mistakenly thinks underage drinking is on the rise
New research has shown that parents continue to wildly overestimate how many young people have tried alcohol, despite falling rates of underage drinking.
While the most recent statistics show 39% of 11 – 15 year olds have tried alcohol, the average parent surveyed thought the figure was 57%. The figures were even more disparate when it comes to the number of youngsters drinking at least once a week. The parents surveyed thought a third of 11 – 15 year olds would indulge weekly, whereas the actual figure is 5%.
The ComRes survey showed that one in seven parents mistakenly believe young people are more likely to drink alcohol than five years ago, when in fact official statistics show a continual fall.
The poll was commissioned by AB InBev UK to coincide with the company’s annual Global Be(er) Responsible Day, a celebration dedicated to promoting the importance of responsible drinking. The company launched a three year partnership with the Alcohol Education Trust in 2013 with support focused on helping parents talk to their children about responsible drinking.
Helena Conibear, a director of the trust, said: “These findings reveal the perception gap between parent’s views of children’s drinking and the reality. This emphasizes the importance of education initiatives in ensuring parents, as the key suppliers of alcohol to those under the age of 18, are aware that drinking, particularly under the age of 15 is not the norm.
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