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Tyre Safety Tips

Tyres are such an integral part of our vehicles and keeping them in good condition is essential for our safety and for keeping the vehicle safe and roadworthy.

In this post we have detailed some tips and suggestions on how to care for your tyres and how to keep them spick and span on a routine basis so that your vehicle is always safe and roadworthy. Elite Direct stocks a wide collection of tyres from multiple brands. You can visit their centre or order online.

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Essential tips that can help you maintain the health of your tyres;

Regularly checking the pressure of your tyres

If your tyre looks a little flat you probably should think about visiting a station and filling it back up. Tyres have a tough construction designed to withstand all the forces of the road. Therefore a flat tyre needs attention straight away. Your cars handbook should tell you how to check the air pressure. The size of your tyre is written on the wall of the tyre. Also ensure whilst you’re filling the tyre that you keep the dust cap safe, as this offers extra protection and prevents dust and dirt being thrown up into the valve.

Making sure your tyres have enough tread

Imagine you go for a run only to discover halfway around that the sole of your shoe has worn away. This can cause problems with your grip, balance and the overall success of your run. A cars tyre is much like a shoe, the better the tread the better hold on the surface it will have. You can easily check the tread on your tyres just by looking at them. You should be looking for anything lodged in the tyre, any tears and also the depth of the tread. The tread depth should not be as low as the ridges that sit between the channels. These ridges show drivers that their tread is at the lowest legally permitted depth, usually 1.6mm. You should consider changing your tyres before they reach this point.

tyre tread

Getting small wear and tears repaired

If you notice any small cuts or bumps maybe caused by an impact with the kerb, pot hole or speed bump. You should take your car to the garage to get these repaired. Repairs generally cost a lot less than having to replace your whole tyre so it definitely makes it worth repairing them.

Invest in a tyre pump

Having a flat tyre is all too common. The majority of the time these tyres are often too flat to be driven to your nearest garage. Investing in a tyre pump is a good way to ensure that you don’t damage your tyres more or even your alloys. Most car shops and online retailers stock these and they can be bought for as little as £20. We have two cars. Our first car is the family car and second is just a run around we use for work. We have bought a tyre pump to keep in both these cars as you never know when you may drive over a nail and puncture your tyre.

Make sure your tyres are aligned

Wheel alignment is just as important as if this is off then the tyre life is shortened, and the cars performance decreases. If you think your wheel alignment may be off you can take it to your garage to get it checked. Reasons the alignment may be off can be down to a number of reasons. The car being involved in an accident, the tyre having wear and tear or even after a tyre has been replaced.

Keeping your tyres in good condition will help reduce the risk of an accident. Your local garage should be more than happy to help if you don’t feel confident enough in checking them yourselves.


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