Top Tips To Put The Kids To Sleep

Getting the kids to go to bed can be quite a challenge for many parents. These little guys are just bundles of energy, and as soon as they fear bedtime is approaching, they seem to get extra rambunctious. All is not lost however, I have developed a surefire way to get the kids ready for bed that is simple and painless. Consider these top tips to put the kids to sleep and they will be drifting off to dreamland before you know it.

Make Bedtime Fun

If you want to get the kids excited about going to bed, make this time fun for them. Set aside the last half hour of the day to play with them in their room. Allow the kids to choose any fun activity that you will take part in. Whether it is buying them a fun themed bed ( have awesome kids beds and matching kids mattresses), reading them a bedtime story, or playing a board game. I developed this habit that me and my little girl would play cards right before she went to bed. She actually was so excited about the game that she would remind me each night that card time was approaching. After the allotted time for playing, the deal is the kids must go to bed.

Stop With the Drinks and Snacks

If you haven’t noticed already, kids are like never-ending snack eating machines. If there are snacks in the house, they will keep eating them until you stop them. These snacks are often full of sugar, and actually get the kids all fired up instead of ready for bed. I decided to put a curfew on snacks, at least two hours before you need to put them to bed. This way their little bodies will start winding down just as you put them under the sheets.

Turn Down the Volume

Children are very keen observers, and when lying in bed, they can hear everything. I made the mistake of putting the kids to bed, then sitting on the couch and watching our favorite late night dramas. The kids not only felt left out because they could clearly hear the television, the noise actually kept them awake. Once the kids are in bed, turn down the lights and the volume in the other rooms so they can drift off without distractions.
By making bedtime fun, eliminating distractions after dark, and reducing that sugar intake, the kids will be much more receptive to the idea of going to bed. Takes some time, but do not give in or they will simply feel they can easily get out of this nighttime ritual whenever they want.
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  • Bethan Sian

    Great tips.

    I'm quite lucky I can do as much noise as I can once the girls are in bed. They've been used to noise since they were newborn. The minute they go to bed, I watch my soaps. The only thing that they will want to come downstairs is when someone comes over such as a friend or relative.

  • Helen Porter

    completely agree with the no drinks and snacks it really doesn't help if mine have a drink close to bedtime they are always getting up through out the night to go toilet then they wont go back to sleep!

  • Michelle Murray

    Great tips. Our first son was a nightmare. he never ever slept as a baby. the littlest noise would wake him up and it took years to get him to drift off to bed on his own. The problem was we didn't have a routine. We know that now looking back so with our second it was routine from day one and he is a perfect sleeper. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens

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