Top Tips For Bedwetting

All parents will know the struggle trying to potty train
your children. When this great feat has been accomplished you feel amazing, you
can finally go out without a bagful of nappies, you feel you have more freedom
to do things.

However then you realise that you have to go through the bed
wetting stage. Although most children will be potty trained in the day by
nursery school age, it can take many more years after this to get them to stay
dry at night.

Our 3 year old daughter was brilliant in the day and we
hadn’t even considered trying her nappy free at night. However one night my
husband forgot to put a nappy on her at bedtime and when we woke in the morning
we were shocked to discover that she had slept all night with no accidents. So
for us we thought we had it easy! But a few nights later and she had started to
have accidents at night. This didn’t really bother us as I think deep down we
were kind of expecting it and we were prepared, she does have a waterproof
mattress cover on her bed. She is now 5 years old and there was a lot of toing
an froing between wearing a nappy and knickers to bed but she is pretty good now.

So I thought I would offer you my top five tips to help with

1 – Protect Their Bed
and Yours!

If like our little ones, yours just can’t stay in their own beds
all night and they end up in yours I cannot stress how important it is to us to
protect our mattress as well as theirs!

These underpads from HARTMANN Direct are a great find and at only £7.94 a pack. They
are disposable which makes them great for when you are travelling, for
example to protect beds in hotels or we have even found these useful for
protecting the car seats when travelling, especially when the kids fall asleep
in them. They also come in a variety of sizes. Check out HARTMANN Direct

2 – Don’t Punish

Remember some children can wet the bed up until 8 years of age!
This isn’t something they can control so punishing them for it will more than
likely do more harm than good.

Remind them that if they need to go they can either call you
to take them to the bathroom or if they can manage it they can go on their own,
leave doors open and maybe a nightlight so they can see where they’re going.

3- No Drinks Before

This is easier said than done mind. If you can try not give
them a drink around an hour before bed this will help prevent any accidents.

4 – Place A Potty In
Their Bedroom

If going to the bathroom on their own is not an option then
you can always put a portable potty in their bedroom. Knowing they can see it
as well is a reminder to them to use it if they need the toilet.

Make sure it is placed maybe against a wall or to one side
of the bedroom though to prevent it being knocked over.

5 – Reward Them When
They’ve Been Successful

There are so many reward systems available to parents now. You
could use a simple sticker chart or have fun creating your own reward chart
with your child where they maybe get to colour in a picture if they have used
the potty that night. You can also find printable reward charts online.

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