Toogiez Review and Competition

Toogiez is the new kid on the block!

Combining fasionable clothing and funky plush friends!
Toogies can be securely attached and proudly displayed. They are your wearable little sidekicks and constant companion. 
A pretty little tshirt with pink design and the most adorable cutest elephant pal my daughter just loves! 

Just pop on the tshirt and attach the plush for the perfect travel companion. 
Mix and match from a variety of playful characters and swap with your friends. 

Toogiez are attached using a velcro pad on the tshirt and can be easily removed by your child. 

Specifically designed for both boys and girls from 2-8 years of age Toogiez are bound to be a big hit and the next big thing.  


Toogiez allow children to express their feelings and identify emotions using the toogy that best expresses their mood. 
Each toogy has their own identity and personality and allows your child to develop and enhance their emotional world. 
Toogiez tshirts are made from 100% cotton. 
Toogiez are best bought as a bundle for a variety of plush add ons that can be attached to the tshirt. So your child can mix and match who they wear. You can even buy a giant toogy too. 
For more information on Toogiez you can go to their Kickstarter site and whilst you’re there you can also help to spread the word. 
To coincide with their Kickstarter launch on Thursday 24th July Toogiez are offering you the chance to win your own Toogiez. 
The prize includes 1 Tshirt and 2 Toogiez of your choice. 

Follow link to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Shipping included globally.
Toogiez responsible for sending out the prize to the winner.

Toogiez – Playable, Wearable, Sticksble Sidekicks!
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