Tips For Mums With Newborn Babies

As a new mummy with a newborn baby, it can be very difficult and even stressful – especially if it’s the first baby. You and daddy may be totally clueless about what to do, when to do it, and how to do what. An informative website called MommyAuthority provides a lot of insight into pregnancy, mummies, and their babies. Here you can get the latest information on all you need to know to make the journey with your baby more easy and enjoyable.
Nonetheless, as a new mummy, a lot of questions may be going through your mind and you may just need a few tips to get you started on your exciting new journey. Below we have listed a few tips which may be helpful as a mum of a newborn baby.

#1 What To Do When It Comes To

All your baby needs, in terms of food for the first 6 months, is breast milk. A mummy’s milk contains all the nutrients and antibodies your baby needs. Thus, it is important to know when and how to breastfeed your newborn. Here are a few tips to follow:

●    Breastfeed your baby within the first hour after birth.
●    Try to keep your baby awake during feeding times.
●    To encourage milk to come, known as the letdown, you must be in a relaxed environment. Try playing soothing music, let daddy rub your back, drink enough water.
●    Breastfeed on demand.
●    Ensure your baby has latched properly to the breast. Incorrect latching can cause pain and your baby will not be able to drink properly. It is best to see a lactation consultant to help you with these issues.
●    10 to 12 feeds per day are normal for a newborn.
●    Your baby’s tummy will usually empty within 1 and a half hours after feeding.
●    First, let your baby finish with the one breast before moving to the next breast (if needed).
●    Remember that a newborn’s tummy is about the size
of a cherry and can only hold about 5 – 7 ml at a time. At 1 week, the tummy will be able to hold about 30 – 59 ml at a time.

#2 Involve Daddy

A newborn baby is just as frightening and exciting for daddy as it is for you. For this reason, it is best to involve dad in as many activities as possible. Allow him to hold, feed, burp, bath and soothe the baby as well and let him figure things out on his own. Also, remember that he needs your support as well. Having a baby is not just mum’s thing and something she must deal with. It is best to have dad around to help out – even if it is just a small back rub that he gives you or if he goes to buy groceries. Every little bit helps.

#3 Sleep Tricks

Sometimes, babies tend to fight sleeping times. It is best to not over stimulate your baby when it is time to take a nap. However, once your newborn has fallen asleep, you do not need to tiptoe around or keep the nursery completely quiet. Remember, your baby was in your womb for 9 months and is used to the noise, most babies find comfort in the familiar sounds.
Babies may fall asleep after feeding – this is good. Their tummies are full and they are near to mummy. Another way to help them fall asleep is to tickle their forehead and nose. Run your fingers lightly over these areas and watch how their little eyes start to get heavy and close.

#4 What To Do During Bath Time


A newborn baby will have the umbilical cord stump for about three weeks. During this time, you need to still wash your baby to keep them clean and smelling great. A very important tip is to not undress your baby fully and then start the bathing process. Take the clothes off gradually, depending on where you are washing to ensure your baby stays warm and comfortable. When washing your baby’s hair, place an open hand under the neck and close the ears with the thumb and middle finger. This will ensure the ears stay dry. Your baby may cry during this time, but that is okay. Talk to your infant in a calm voice so they know everything is okay.
newborn baby

#5 Soothing Your Newborn Baby

The best way to soothe your newborn is to imitate the feeling your baby had in your womb. This includes swaddling, shushing, and swinging your baby. You can also pat their back in the rhythm of a heartbeat. Another important thing to remember is that a newborn can only see about 20 to 30 cm in front of them – stay close enough so your baby can see you.
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