AD| Thunderbirds are go! New Toys Launched by Bandai!

Thunderbird 2 Virgil

Thunderbirds are go! Get ready for action! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! This month has seen the launch of the brand new Bandai Thunderbirds Are Go toys. And we were lucky enough to be sent some Thunderbirds Toys to review! The Thunderbirds Are Go tv series is now airing on ITV and CITV.

We received the following;

• Thunderbird 3
• Thunderbird 1
• Thunderbird 2 and Virgil Tracy
• Thunderbird The Mechanic Action Figure
• Thunderbird Virgil Tracy Action Figure
• Thunderbird ITV goody bag (stickers, activity book, pencils and crayons)


TB1, TB2 and TB3 get the Motion Tech treatment with this new range of sound-activated vehicles. With retractable features, the Motion Tech Vehicles (RRP: TB1 and TB3 £9.99, TB2 £12.99), make sounds when moved for acting out realistic scenes straight from the show.

Growing up I loved watching Thunderbirds and my husband is an even bigger fan so he was very excited when he got his hands on these goodies! I did have to remind him to share them with the children!

Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird 1 motion tech figure is a classic from the show. Fly the vehicle to hear sounds as it moves. You can rotate the thrusters and release the retractable wings to recreate Thunderbird 1’s launch. This vehicle cam also fit inside the Tracy Island playset. It is the prefect size for little hands to hold.

Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird 2 and Virgil Tracy

The Thunderbird 2 and Virgil Tracy figure is definitely our favourite of all the vehicles. It is a great size and I love that you can sit Virgil Tracy in the cockpit ready for action! By pressing the launch button and you can hear the take-off sounds. This toy also has a grappling hook and zip line. Virgil Tracy can then actually slide down the zip line for great imaginative play!

Thunderbird 2 Virgil

Virgil Tracy

The Thunderbirds Rescue ready Virgil Tracy figure is 30cm tall (RRP £19.99). He comes with detachable rescue claw to help with demolition, heavy lifting and clearing debris. Virgil Tracy also has a search and rescue light to help see into any dark spaces and he can also send out coded signals. Press the button and you will hear Virgil’s voice as he talks with international rescue on his missions!

Virgil Tracy

Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is also a motion tech vehicle, again you can fly the vehicle to hear the sounds as it moves. You can also rotate the central shaft for more sounds. This vehicle has an extending grasping arm and also fits inside the Tracy Island playset.

Thunderbird 3

The Mechanic

The Mechanic (RRP £19.99) is by far a very cool figure! My son loves him, he always goes for the baddies! The mechanic is a villain not to be messed with! His technical skills allow him to cause chaos, even when he is nowhere to be seen. He comes with a neuron driver and ion hammer as well as a moving blaster. Press his buttons and he will also talk.

Thunderbirds Mechanic

The figures are all made to a high standard and the detail is fantastic. These 30cm character figures come with articulated joints, lights, five phrases, plus fully working rescue claw for Virgil and firing weapon for the Mechanic.

The Bandai Thunderbirds are go range is suitable for ages 4+ and are available nationwide and online; Amazon.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the toys mentioned above. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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