This Dad Can!

This Dad can is my little way of showing my husband just how
much he means to me and the kids this Father’s Day.

We met in September 2011 in college and in October 2012 we
welcomed our first child together, our daughter. Roll on 7 years later and we
have bought our own home and also welcomed our second child into the world, our
little boy. As well as our fur baby cat Ozzie!

We have had our ups and downs as have most other couples I imagine,
but no matter what we can always work things out and grow stronger together.

Being dad to a daughter is not easy for any man. There’s the
hair that they want tied up in a certain way and of course it’s always mummy
that has to do this, but as of late my husband has mastered the ponytail! Yes,
he gave my daughter this ponytail all by himself! Well done dad!

Although I do often complain that he is on his phone an
awful lot, he does make time to spend with our children, and these are the
memories that they will always remember. The days out and walks that you take
them on, and the visits to their grandparents where not only the children are
spoilt but my you are too, thanks Granny! The kids love it when you are silly
and carry them around on your back or put them in the pretend jail only for
them to escape and you to have to chase them around and catch them again.

You may not be the best at DIY but you will always give it a
go! Remember the towel holder you put on the wall, it was upside down but you
did it! I appreciate the time you went out and bought lightbulbs for the
kitchen that had been dimly light since we moved in, and buying the door handle
for the porch so I wouldn’t get stuck in there again! I appreciate you letting
me sleep in most days, and all the cups of tea that you make me! I also
appreciate you completing the list of tasks that I have given you to do on your
day off! 

I just want to say that we are all thankful for everything
that you do for us!

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