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    We recently put our home on the market. We’d been talking about moving for quite a while and we had decided our main reasons to move was to get off the main road and also to have a garden. At present we currently have a back yard, it’s not huge but it’s not tiny either. However I have always been used to having a garden. Having grown up in a nice village we had a lovely front garden and a back garden too which even had an apple tree in it that my sister and I used to climb, pick the apples from and we even had a swing on one of its branches too.

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    I always imagined that when we bought our first home we would have a garden. We soon realised however, that we couldn’t afford to buy in the city so we moved about 30 minutes away to a lovely valley however gardens are hard to come by in our area. Therefore we ended up buying our home because we loved the house and the garden does have potential. We do have a yard, but, we also have a top garden. I say ‘top’ garden as to access it you have to climb very narrow stone steps up about an 8ft wall to get to it. It was very overgrown and uneven. We have been in our home for 6 years now and the garden has pretty much remained untouched.

    Do Your Research

    One of the first things I did before going on the market was to research the cost of moving. I looked up hiring a van to move as well as hiring professional movers to compare the costs. The benefits of choosing a professional moving company far outweighed the cons of hiring a van. With van hire you would obviously have to pack all your own belongings, load them and unload them. Plus you’d then have to return the van. With a moving company they do all the hard work for you. Some even offer services such as packing your belongings for you, making moving home far less stressful. Companies such as The Man Van offer free quotes and online booking.

    They also provide you with a number of removal men to help get the job done quicker and more smoothly. We have already started to collect a number of boxes in preparation for moving, and we had a good clear out. Getting rid of any items that we no longer needed or wanted. Most of these were donated to charity or given away to friends.

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    Other Costs

    Other costs involved in moving home include estate agent fees, surveys and solicitors. Most of these costs however, will be taken out of any profit of the sale of your own home.

    Have you recently moved home? We would love to hear any tips or advice you may have for us. A tip I heard recently was to wrap your cutlery drawer in cling film to keep everything in place!


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