Things I Miss Since My Children Were Born

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Well my little bundle of joy, or as I now call her ‘my princess’, arrived 09:17am Monday 8th October 2013. The very next day we brought her home.

The early days, looking back now, they were the easier days. My little princess would sleep, eat and well poop! Yes it was tough living on one-two hours sleep at a time but apart from that it honestly wasn’t too hard. (The tough part starts, in my opinion, when you start a routine and when your little one becomes mobile!)

A few months later, it all changed. Here are the few things I miss!

  • Make up – Yea, I soon ditched the make up not long after my princess was born. Gone were the days when I would very leisurely take a nice long shower, wrap my hair up in a towel on the top of my head, sit in front of my mirror, apply a layer of primer, a layer of foundation, some blusher followed by face powder, mascara, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and some lip gloss. Nowadays I simply don’t have the time. My routine now is wash face, stick on some mattifying primer, mascara and liquid eyeliner and I’m out the door! Even this much simpler procedure doesn’t come without its complications, namely a toddler hanging off my leg or pulling at my arm.
  • Seeing friends – Who would have thought that after carrying a very noticeable bump around for 9 months that when it started to disappear after birth, you too would become invisible! Its amazing the effect a baby can have on your social life. I used to go the pub pretty much every week and into town clubbing at least once, maybe twice a month, but as soon as baby arrives you may as well have disappeared off the face of the earth! Ok so that may be a bit far fetched, but for some reason your friends (or at least mine anyway) assume that you are way too busy being a parent to possibly even contemplate leaving your baby and going out for a nice few drinks and catching up with friends. Even now my daughter is 14 months old I still very very very rarely get invited out. Of course it probably didn’t help that I moved nearly 20 miles away from them all, but I couldn’t possibly have carried on living with my dad, my partner and my new baby all under one roof. Yup, we became adults and bought a house! The distance is due to the fact that the further you move away from a city centre the cheaper the houses are and the more you get for your money. I do of course get the few odd invitations out namely though just for birthday drinks nowadays and not like the old days when it was just any excuse to go out and party!
  • Washing clothes –  I know it’s a strange one, but I remember the days when I used to open my wardrobe and admire my collection of maxi dresses and slim fit jeans. Now I open it and I’m faced with a few bare hangers and a couple of tops I haven’t worn since I was a teenager! I just find I have no time during the day to be able to keep up with my families increasingly growing wash pile. I do actually miss being able to choose what I wear, now it’s a case of whats clean or whats just about clean that I can get away with wearing it!
  • Shopping – What girl doesn’t love a bit of retail shopping! My sister and I used to love hitting the shops and all the bargain sales at our local shopping centre. Now though she has her beautiful twins to entertain and I have my little princess, it can make it hard to spend good quality time shopping. Even the weekly food shop is done in a rush as my daughter is so active she can’t stay still in a trolley seat for longer than half an hour. I do enjoy the days when my fiance is not working as we tend to go out for the day together for a bit shopping and lunch, I find it much more manageable when theres two of us who can take turns entertain our little one.
  • A clean house – I live by the saying “A messy home is a happy home”. It’s the only way I can look at the pile of dishes in the kitchen, the food on the floor from where my daughter decided it looked better there than in her mouth and the ever breeding dust bunnies that keep appearing in my living room lye. By the time the day is over we have usually played with every possible toy there is in the house, jumped up and down on all the furniture, played chase from one side of the room to the other, scribbled with every colour crayon onto almost every surface and tickled eachother till we’ve turned red! When then my daughter is tucked up fast asleep by 7 maybe 8pm all I want to do is crash out in front of the tv with a nice cup of hot chocolate!
  • Doing nothing – before my princess was born I enjoyed doing nothing. I just simply had nothing to do. Could you imagine now, not having anything to do?! That would be my idea of bliss! Just to take each day as it comes, to do whatever you wanted to do without having someone asking you where the baby has hid the tv remote or why your work uniform hasn’t been washed.

Yes folks, I look forward to the day when my children are old enough that I can say “mums having a day off today, take care of yourselves!”

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2 thoughts on “Things I Miss Since My Children Were Born

  1. This is so true. I find it a treat to actually have a shower and close the door so no little people can get in. I still put my make up on regardless how much time I have as that is part of me it's like getting dressed.

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