Things I do that irritate my husband

    I was tagged in this meme by twinmummyanddaddy

    Here are the”few” things I do that irritate my husband
    1. Squeeze his bum in public! He gets really embarrassed!
    2. Put my cold hands on him
    3. Gross I know… But I do love picking the blackheads on his nose!
    4. Hide his iPad. I always complain he’s on it too much and one day I hid it while he wasn’t looking but I forgot and then went to work only to hear when I got home that he’d been rummaging through the bins thinking the kids might’ve put it in there! 
    5. Never make a cup of tea, well his do taste better than mine. 
    6. Fall asleep without fail by 9pm most nights. Once the kids are tucked up and it’s time for us to relax I just can’t stay awake. (One of the downsides of having hypothyroidism)
    I tag Claire at Mums Word Cardiff if you’d like to take part. 
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