There’s A Monster In My Room!

Every evening we go up the stairs and into the bathroom, where we put on the Disney Magic Brushing app so the kids can brush their teeth before bed and get their star! We then take the kids into their rooms one by and we have to go through a number of songs first (every night!) before we can
tuck them up to sleep. We have to do a sailor went to see, this little piggy
and round and round the garden!
Once tucked up they are generally pretty good in going to sleep. My daughter will have her unicorn night light on and she usually stays up for a small while playing in her bed with her toys before putting herself to sleep. My son stays in his bed but does have a habit of calling us back into the room after we have left. This can be either because he has drank all his drink, his sock has come off or he’s dropped his toy out the bed!
Despite this they’re both normally asleep within half hour of putting them down, leaving myself and my husband the evening to enjoy catching up on our favourite programmes.

We heard him crying

Well this one evening about ten or fifteen minutes after we had come downstairs, we heard our little boy calling us. But he was also crying. I went back up the stairs and he did seem quite upset so I asked him what was wrong. He replied theirs a monster in a bed. I said where, he then proceeded to point to this toy….

monster toy

He has had this toy for a probably around a year now and it has never bothered him before. In fact he was the one who had actually chosen to buy this toy in the first place!

For some reason he now really doesn’t like it. He said he didn’t like the toy in the dark and it was trying to eat him! I asked him what he wanted me to do with it. He told me to bag it up and put it in the attic! Aw bless him. So I took the toy away and he went to sleep. I think I had actually just thrown the toy in my bedroom next to one of the units.

A few days later…

…whilst I was in work my husband sent me a message saying he had just found our son trying to hide this toy behind his curtains, he had said he didn’t like it and it scared him when he was trying to sleep. He had obviously found it on our floor and was trying to get rid of it!
monster toy

We have since removed the scary monster from our home so our son never has to see it again! Isn’t it funny though how he has had this toy for some time and it has been in his bed previously and never bothered him. But now all of a sudden he doesn’t like it! I have to admit I did have to hold myself back from giggling when he told me it was trying to eat him. It may seem
a bit funny to us but he was genuinely upset, the poor boy!

They had watched Hotel Transylvania the night before and although there are monsters in this film they are all nice. Both kids love these films and have watched them numerous times before. Anyway he has since had no problem going to sleep now the toy is gone. I don’t think it is the dark that scares him as he does have a pretty bright night light plugged in just for some reason this toy didn’t look good in the dark!

Have your kids ever had a ‘monster’ in their bed?
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