The Truth About Being A Paid Blogger!

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I am going to make this post as simple as I can because otherwise I would tend to ramble on and on. Here is the truth about being a paid blogger!

I have previously written a post about being a blogger and how a few people have asked me to help them to create their own blog so that they can make money and receive “Free” products.

Being a blogger isn’t about that though, yes of course it’s a lovely added bonus but there is so much more to being a blogger. For me blogging is about sharing our life experiences that we have with our children, in essence a bit like a diary hence the name of my blog. I appreciate that there also a lot of posts which aren’t about this but they are there. And they are there so that when my children are older I hope they would enjoy looking back upon my blog and appreciating and remembering all of the fun things we did and places we took them.

Now onto the professional blogger side of things…

I encourage anyone and everyone who wants to start their own blog to do so. Just understand that it is a full time job, and you have to be prepared to work hard on it. If you want to be a paid blogger you will need ideas for new and creative articles that your readers will want to read. You will need to understand basic coding (html) especially if you’re using blogger. Okay, I admit I am not very good at that but my sister, who also blogs, helps me out a lot with that side of things.

You Will Need To Spend A Little Money

You need to be prepared to put your own money into it you can start with a free blog but if you want to work with brands and become a paid blogger you will have to go self-hosted. This means buying your own domain. Your www .com/ You will need to create your own imagery; blog headers, logos, business cards etc.

business cards

Statistics Can Be Important For Growing Your Blog

Youwill need to set up Google Analytics so you can keep track of your blogsstatistics, you will need to know your domain authority, unique monthly pageviews and a lot more. When you grow your blog and increase your readership andfollowing, your statistic will also improve and therefore you will be moreattractive for brands and companies to work with you.

UsuallyI will receive an email from a brand asking for collaboration, my media pack isset out (this includes all those stats). Then onto the content of what theyrequire. They may ask for an article written by yourself about them or theirproduct, they may have a pre written article they want you to publish or theymay like you to review their products on your blog.

Be True To Yourself

Don’t accept everyoffer. Not every email you receive will be suited for your blog or readers,just because it pays doesn’t mean it will pay off for you. For example Iwouldn’t publish an article on sub atomic particles because less face it Idon’t even know what that is and I wouldn’t have thought that would besomething that would interest my readers, ok bit extreme but you get my drift.

The next stage isnegotiation. They may email you with a figure and you may well be happy with thatand accept it, or you may not be happy with it and then you can try tonegotiate your costs. Sometimes you will receive emails where they ask you whatyour fee is. Don’t just say a ball park figure though, figure out what theywant, whether it is just a blog post or whether they want social shares onFacebook or Instagram for example, or Twitter retweets, if they want you tolink to a website or product and how many links they want.

If they are offering aproduct then I don’t generally charge anything as usually the product itselfwould be classed as the payment. Again I won’t accept every product offered assome would not be suited to us or may just be something that we wouldn’tnecessarily use.


There have also beennew guidelines brought in for bloggers as well which we have to be compliantwith. We are required to disclose whether we have been paid to write a post orwhether we have received a product in return for a review. We do this by eitherwriting at the end of the post that ‘this is a paid/collaborative post’ but wenow have to also include the hashtag #Ad in the title of the post so readersknow before they click the link that it is a paid for post.

If you are making money from your blog for instance being a paid blogger, then you must also register as self-employed in order to be able to declare your income and pay any tax due.

self employed paid blogger

I am lucky because I work full time and I also run the blog as my hobby but it does also bring in a small income for us. There are a lot of people out there who have made their blogs incredibly successful that they are actually their main source of income. I can only wish for this one day.

Hopefully now you will see that being a paid blogger isn’t easy and it is actually a job for lots of people. It takes hard work to maintain it and fit it into everyday life. So although we receive money it doesn’t come easy.

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Being A Paid Blogger!

  1. People rarely appreciate the huge amount of work that goes into pro blogging! It’s worth knowing that you only have to register as self-employed and declare tax etc on your blog earnings if they go over a certain limit, which I believe is £1000.

    1. Thanks for your comment leigh yes a lot of people are surprised at how much work it actually takes to run and maintain a blog. Yes that’s right if you earn over £1k has to be declared x

  2. ….and if you have a newsletter you need to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Seriously, I updated my privacy policy last month but I also added in the regulatory information and it is massive. Didn’t have to do any of that six years ago! One thing if you don’t mind me saying, “This is a collaborative post” won’t meet with ASA / CMA guidlines. Needs to be explicit it’s either sponsored of advertising / commissioned. headed over from #thatfridaylinky

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information about having income as a blogger! I have only recently discovered that side of blogging, and you are right- it takes a whole lot of work. But it is also very exciting! #ThatFridayLinky

  4. The biggest downside to blogging as a career, is the inconsistency. You might have a month where you are overloaded with paid work and then a month with hardly any. That makes it difficult for budgeting. I left my job to blog full time, but I often find myself doing other things, instead of work! I need to bemore disciplined and I really hope that this is my year to make it a bigger success and achieve all the goals I’ve set myself!


    1. Wow I’d really love to blog full time it is a tough industry to stand out in though isn’t it. I can imagine how inconsistent it would be there is nothing regular about the lines of work we receive. Good luck with your blog!

  5. This is really interesting thanks for sharing. I think people who don’t blog dony always get it and just think you type and press publish but there is a lot more behind the scenes that people are unaware of X #thatfridaylinky

  6. As a up and coming Blogger who’s now starting to get brand deals I find posts like this incredibly informative! I agree 100% that people don’t really appreciate how much work it takes to get your blog out there and how time consuming it all is! #MixItUp

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