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AD| GPS Pet Tracker Review: The Kippy Evo

Introducing the Kippy Evo pet tracker. Self-confessed crazy cat lady I am! I love my fur baby, A-lot! We had him from a rescue centre 5 years ago, he was so small he could fit in my hand, and he used to sleep on my shoulder under my neck. Then, he grew and grew and now my gentle giant is thought to be a Norwegian Forest Cat due to his immense size!

This has just made me love him even more. My cat is very unique and is like no other cat I have ever had. He loves coming on walks with us, he just follows behind us and then wanders home with us. He is also fond of playing catch with his ball and is partial to a bit of rat hunting!

My Fur-baby Went Missing

One day he hadn’t returned home and thought no worries he will probably be sitting there waiting in the kitchen when I wake up in the morning. I was wrong. A few days passed and by this point I had already shared his photo over social media groups. Then I went door to door in my neighbourhood with a photo asking if anyone had seen him, but I had no luck.

You don’t realise how much our pets really mean to us until they go missing. They truly are part of our family. I started looking online for something that I could use to keep an eye on him, and possibly track him. I found many devices claiming to be the best GPS tracker, however I found most of these devices were big and heavy and not suitable for cats, not even my big cat. Plus the prices were quite high and reviews quite poor. I wasn’t willing to pay a lot of money for something so poorly rated even if there was a chance that it could work.

Then I received an email one day looking for testers to sign up to review the Kippy Evo pet tracker. The device with GPS and activity monitoring specially designed for pets. Obviously I was intrigued and excited so I signed up straight away and I made it onto the team!

kippy evo

The Kippy Evo

The Kippy Evo pet tracker retails at £79 on Amazon. When it arrived, it is presented very smartly in its own box. Upon opening the box, the device is visible and underneath you will find the charging cable, Velcro strap and instruction manuals.

pet tracker

To set up the device, I had to download the Kippy App on iOS or Android. Insert the serial number from the back on the Evo and then purchase one of the subscription plans, starting from 7,99 Euros per month. I will mention one thing when setting up the device on the app the options seemed to be in Spanish, so a language selection option would be very handy.

Location Services

The Kippy Evo uses GSM 2G, GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coverage to help locate pets in real time, at an unlimited distance and even indoors. You can use the App on your smartphone or tablet.


The instruction manual doesn’t go into great detail so I had to explore the app myself to figure out how to use all of its functions. The pet tracker live function I would say works 9/10 times. Sometimes I think this may be down to my location compared the devices location. If I am at home and therefore nearer my pet the Kippy Evo can live track his location pretty much instantly. Whereas if I am in work it can take a little longer to connect. This isn’t really an issue however as if he did go missing I would be near his location and therefore able to live track him quickly.

I love the history function. By clicking on this I am able to see a clear path of where my cat has been. An A-Z route of his journeys and favourite stomping grounds. I assumed he travelled far and wide but truth be told he pretty much stays within two streets of our home all of the time so this is very reassuring.

GPS tracker

The Activity Tracker

Thanks to patented algorithm, Kippy recognises your pet’s physical activity and is able to show us personalised information on what our pets have been up to. As well as give us an idea of the ideal level of activity for your pet. The device shows information such as; run, sleep, play walk, steps and calories!


10/10 I love this feature. It is a fascinating insight into the life of my cat. I enjoy seeing how long he has slept for and the level of his fitness activity.

pet tracker

Vita Messages

The Kippy Evo is able to send owners messages to inform when our pet has reached its daily activity goal and provides advice on its well-being.

The Kippy Evo is lightweight and waterproof. It only weighs 38 grams. It is suitable for cats weighing more than 4kg and smaller dogs too. as my cat is a little over 6kg this device is perfect. I was worried about the size of it and the weight of it being on his collar but it has not bothered him wearing it one bit. The device is waterproof and resists 30 minutes at a depth of one and a half metres.

Kippy Evo

Overall Verdict


  • Lightning fast live tracking
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Love the activity tracker
  • Smart design
  • Good retail price
  • Track your pets location history


  • Velcro strap – I worry how long the Velcro will last on the strap and how secure the hold is. My suggestion, I think it would have been a fantastic idea to have included a collar with the device or have the option to slide the device straight onto your own pets collar. I did try this but the collar was too thick. I have been strapping it on and then putting a little stitch in it to ensure it won’t come off. However saying that if the device were to fall off, you can always track its location and activate the blinking light making it easier to find in the dark!
  • Subscription fee – no one really wants to pay subscription fees and there is always the worry that the fees could go up over time.
  • Doesn’t always connect but 96% of the time it does, so I am not really sure that I can list this as a con.

Overall Verdict

Overall I would highly recommend the Kippy Evo. This is a pet tracker thatreally works. It give great peace of mind and a great insight into the life of your pet. The £79 price tag is a real bargain for a device that actually does what it says. The Kippy Evo is available in a range in three colours; Green Forest, Brown Wood or Pink Petal.

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