The Dangers of Driving On Bad Tyres and Tips for Tyre Care

As any mum will tell you, there is nothing more important when you are behind the wheel than keeping your car’s occupants safe. When you have children in the car with you, you should make sure that you can brake and steer properly. In turn, this means ensuring you have good tyres fitted to your car. All too often, UK motorists fit inappropriate tyres to their car because they think they are saving money by doing so. If you end up hitting something as a result of having a poor tyre choice, then you will end up paying more over time due to the loss of your no claims bonus. When you notice your tyre is balding or bulging in some way it is time to buy new ones. Which ones will work out best?
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Nissan Drivers Should Find Suitable Tyres

When it comes to inappropriate – if not illegal – tyres, Nissan drivers often make unsuitable choices. When most Micras were first made, they were fitted with Bridgestones deliberately by the carmaker for optimal performance. On the other hand, family cars like the Primera came with Michelins. If you drive a Maxima and want to buy tyres from the same maker that Nissan originally selected, then a set of Dunlop Sport 5000s would be a good bet. Helpfully, you can get your Nissan tyres from Point S today and book online to save time before you arrive to have them fitted.

Toyota Owners Ought to Buy Appropriate Tyres

Like other Asian car manufacturers, Toyota tends to partner with certain tyre makers for cars it sells into the UK market. Sticking to the same ones often makes a lot of sense for driver control especially if you still have an original tyre or two to match with. For example, Prius owners ought to look at purchasing Toyo tyres. Auris, Avensis and Yaris owners will frequently find that their car originally came with a set of Dunlops or Maxxis.
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