The Benefits Of Outdoor Education

outdoor learning

Outdoor learning is very advantageous to young people and undoubtedly a huge part of their education. It shows students that there are opportunities to learn all around them, not just inside a classroom. Outdoor learning is obviously quite a broad term, but generally speaking it refers to exploration of nature, experimentation, adventures and new discoveries. St Hilda’s School, a prep school in Hertfordshire, explore the main benefits of outdoor learning below.

outdoor education

Nursery and Primary School Age Children

Nursery and primary school children learn via sensory and physical experiences, making outdoor learning an ideal setting for them. Many children unfortunately don’t have a safe outdoor environment at home to play and explore, so outdoor learning at school helps them understand nature a little better and get some much needed fresh air and exercise. In fact, most children nowadays are glued to their smartphones and other forms of technology which is leading to both physical and physiological issues.

Keep Physically and Mentally Fit

With that said, outdoor learning is great for physical health, but also for mental health as well. It’s not healthy for anyone to be sat at a desk all day and outdoor learning is a great tool for helping children with their overall fitness, thus reducing obesity levels. Experiencing the great outdoors allows children to release serotonin, which is known to reduce stress.

outdoor learning

Encourages Curious Minds

Teaching children about the outdoors isn’t just educational; it also encourages curious minds and allows children to develop empathy for the environment. This is something that is becoming increasingly more important nowadays as the media puts pressure on society to be more eco-conscious. By engaging in outdoor activities, schools are able to fully utilise a varied range of resources to teach their students, which will keep the child interested in their curriculum and motivated to learn.


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