Ten Happy Things

    I was recently tagged to do this post by Sarah from boorooandtiggertoo. Life is so busy that you can sometimes forget to reflect on the positive moments that make you happy. So here are my Ten Happy Things.

    My Children
    I suppose this is the most obvious one. I have a 4 year old daughter and 3 year old son who could not be anymore different! My little girl can be quite shy and overly sensitive about things. She normally likes me or her daddy by her side when we are in new situations. She has a quirky personality, often amusing herself and all of us, she loves to rein act school lessons at home where she is the teacher. She loves music and dancing. My little boy is my cheeky monkey, but he gets away with a lot. He is full of energy and you’ll rarely see him still! He loves play fighting (which his sister does not), climbing anything and everything, bugs and he has no problem talking to people he doesn’t know! For someone who once said they’d not really mind if I never had children I couldn’t imagine my life without them now, they really are my world, my everything.

     My Husband
    He truly is the greatest thing to have happened to me. He has supported me through all of my ups and downs, and there’s been a few! Plus he always makes the tea and he makes me laugh. He’s always telling me “isn’t that so and so?” when we’re watching a tv programme and he is always wrong about it despite him being convinced otherwise, he puts up with all of my little quirks and habits to and I am blessed that’s he’s still with me after everything hahahaha

     My Cat
    Yes I love my cat, probably just as much as my kids and husband, should I admit that? Well he is my fur baby. We had him from when he was a tiny kitten and would fit in my hand, and his favourite place to sleep was wrapped around my neck. You wouldn’t believe the size of him now! He is bigger than your average domestic cat we believe there may be some Maine coone or Norwegian forest cat in him but we’ll never know for sure. Regardless he is my big softie!

    Iv always loved music. I don’t have a favourite genre, I will just listen to what I love. I have songs on my itunes from the 60s up and from pop to rock. There’s nothing I love more than singing and dancing along much to my family’s amusement. I just find no matter what mood im in music always makes me feel better.

    Im not a foodie, I just love food. Any food really im not fussy. When I was a teenager my favourite food, if you can really call it that was a bowl of lettuce and lashings of mayonnaise! Ew I couldn’t face that now. I enjoy using our slow cooker for chicken casserole and mu husband makes an amazing Apple and Bacon Hot Pot. Favourite take away then has to be a Chinese for me, sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style, chicken chow mien, egg fried rice and veggie spring rolls, yum yum!

    Evening Cuddles
    Every night now its like a ritual. We get the kids to bed usually around 7pm we put on our jammies and favourite film or tv programme, grab the blanket and we snuggle up together. Its this feeling I love being relaxed and enjoying each others company after a long day.

    I don’t know why but lately I have really been enjoying those rare silent moments I get. Even if its just being able to go to the loo on my own! Or when the kids are playing. Its just so chaotic and loud all the time and when there is silence I really cherish it!

    Family Days Out        
    We love going on family days out. It making memories that hopefully the kids will look back on and remember with fondness. The best days for me are the spontaneous walks we go in. We live in a lovely area where we are lucky to have such great attractions within walking distance. We have a museum opposite our house, a park with a lake where the kids love feeding the ducks, mountain walks and a good number of parks. We love going to the farm and soft play too, it just really makes me happy to see the kids happy.

    The Sun
    It might be quite a simple one, but just having the sun shining and the weather being mildly warm really makes a big difference to my mood! It just makes you feel instantly better when you open those curtains to it and think yes we can go in the garden today and relax.

     Keeping Busy
    I’m one of those people who just cant relax, especially when I’m on my own. I think I cant stand my own company! I cant just sit down with a cup of tea and watch the tele I need to be doing something. And luckily I can always find something to do, usually tidying, cleaning, sorting out clothes etc or my husbands favourite; decorating, he never knows what hes going to come home to! Recently I decorated our stairwell in just a few hours!

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