Taking Your Baby Out

Taking your new baby on their first outing can be a daunting experience. 
I remember when my partner and I first took our daughter out for a walk in her pushchair, she couldn’t have been much older than one or two weeks. 
My top worries:
Is she warm enough, have I put enough layers on her? In all honesty looking back now I’d probably been a bit too over cautious mum and had wrapped her up like a little burrito with vest, baby grow, cardigan, coat, blanket, cosy toes etc. The thing to remember is baby generally only needs to be wearing one more layer than you. 

Is it too soon to be taking her out? I worried what if she could catch that lady’s cold who just sneezed in the supermarket two aisles away, or what if a fly flew into her pram! Silly little things really. But hey fresh air never hurt anyone and it’s good to have a little break and get out and about and show your little bundle of joy off!
Have I Packed Everything? It’s always handy to make a checklist of what you will need to take with you. This is my checklist;
• Nappies
• Baby wipes
• Cream
• Nappy bags
• Spare change of clothes
• A bottle for water or milk
• A toy to keep them occupied
1) Don’t go too far on your first outing. 
2) Be prepared for strangers cooing over your baby. Set your boundaries. 
3) If you’re going out in your car make sure you have a suitable car seat and that it is installed correctly. 
4) Make sure your phone is fully charged incase of any emergencies. 
5) Don’t forget your rain cover. 
6) Stay calm – it can be a stressful experience if you are out in public and your little darling decides to cry uncontrollably for no reason. But rest assures we’ve all been there, all forgotten to remember to bring babies dummy, soother, favourite toy etc. Just remember it’s normal for babies to cry. 
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2 thoughts on “Taking Your Baby Out

  1. Some good advice there. I remember when I first went out with my first baby and her crying seemed so loud I was so stressed but really it wasn't that loud and when I'm out and see other mums with their new born crying I always try and give them a reassuring smile.

    1. I was the same actually I am still. I do get a bit stressed when they cry in public I feel like I might be being judged but as I say babies cry and everyone knows that. I also give a smile and try not to stare if other peoples babies are crying.

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