Taking Baby Home & Settling In

The following day after my daughters arrival it was time to take her home and show her the world!
The midwives gave us her antibiotics and finished the final pieces of paper work. 

We successfully strapped her into her car seat after a while of fiddling with the straps to make sure she was secure, popped her onto the pram and off we headed to the car. The drive home seemed to take forever, I remember I couldn’t stop staring at MY baby, MY daughter! Even though I carried her for 9 months, felt her kick and wriggle around, I still couldn’t believe she was here, at last, I couldn’t believe she was mine! I will admit it took quite some time to get used to the fact that I was now a mum, I was a responsible parent! It was an amazing feeling, it just cant be described.

As we arrived home I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much our lives would change. How such a small human being could literally change every aspect of your life.

At the time my daughter was born my partner and I didn’t have a place of our own. I was living with my dad, and my partner was living with his parents. We were 14 miles apart, not a huge gap I know, but we decided that the best option for our daughter would be if we were all together. So Rob moved in with us. Our bedroom was small for 2 people and a baby. We had the moses basket in the corner, at the foot of our bed. Luckily we did have two double wardrobes, one for me and Rob and one for our baby. Its surprising the amount of stuff you stock up on before your baby is actually in the world!
We found we were inundated with gifts from family and friends, and we were so incredibly grateful for this, as it meant we didn’t need to buy many clothes or nappies etc for a good few months. This was especially good as it meant we could spend more time getting to know our new baby and settling her in and not having to frantically run around the shops.

The first few nights, looking back now give me butterflies in my tummy. They were so special and magical and new, despite the lack of sleep it was an amazing time. My little girl would sleep most of the day away only rousing when she needed her nappy changed or a feed. In the night however she would wake up every one and a half to two hours. It truly was shatteringly tiring! You wake up go downstairs, boil the kettle, wait for it to cool then go back up, change her nappy, give her a bottle, play with her then she’d drift back off. We spent hours just watching her sleep. Its amazing how zonked out newborn babies are when they’re asleep. Rob and I have a video where our daughter is lying fast asleep on him and he’s holding her arms and making it look like shes playing a load of instruments; the piano, the violin, the drums! I was hysterical with laughter, and yet she didn’t even stir. We wouldn’t dare think about doing anything like that with her now she is older, the slightest sound of the door creaking and she stirs!

The first few weeks were mainly spent trying to find room for all of our babys stuff, watching her sleep, sterlising everything in sight, washing an abundance of soiled baby grows and welcoming visitors. It is true what they say, they do grow so quick. Over a year has passed now and my baby is no longer a baby any more, she looks like a proper little girl. The more time I spend with her the more I love her, the more I enjoy being with her. She is my world, my everything and I would do anything for her for as long as I am here.

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