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    AD| The Magnificent Mars Expedition STEM Toy Review

    This week we were sent one of the new Pepper Mint STEM toys from Thames & Kosmos new range to review. What is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Taught through an applied approach. Rather than teaching these subjects individually, they are integrated into real world application. Developing children’s STEM understanding and capabilities helps young people to gain confidence in using science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their everyday lives. Thames & Kosmos Range The full range includes the Pepper Mint; Great Treehouse Adventure (RRP £35) Fantastic Underwater Voyage(RRP £35) The Daring Escape From Hidden Island (RRP £30) The Magnificent Mars Expedition (RRP £25) Also available are the smaller Master…


    Exploring STEM Subjects In The Home

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the four subject areas referred to as STEM. They can open up a phenomenal range of opportunities for young people in terms of their higher education and inevitable careers, as well as helping them develop enviable personal skills. There are lots of subjects that fall under the STEM umbrella, from Astronomy to Mechanical Engineering. Each of the STEM subjects provides pupils with highly transferrable skills that they can carry through many aspects of life. Some examples of such skills include the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, the ability to carefully and critically solve complex problems and the ability…