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Times are tough for most people at the moment, what with the rising cost of living. 

Therefore I have been looking into ways of how we can save money.
The first thing that I decided to look at was our weekly food shop.

This usually comes in at a cost of between £70-£100 a week.

The first step we took towards cutting down the cost of our weekly shop was to try online shopping. 

Normally, when we go to the supermarket we almost always end up buying items on impulse. As we wander around the store we may look at the DVDs, baby clothes and any offers and sales that might be on. However I found that doing a shop online it is much easier to avoid looking at these impulse items. I just have a list in front of me of the things we need and as I search for them I can select options to browse from the lowest price to highest price.

Granted the first time you log on to do your first shop, it can be quite time consuming and you may make a few easy errors, for example some of the products that turned up on my first shop were smaller than expected. But learning from my mistakes I now check the size of the items before buying.

Here is an example of one of the more recent food shops I did online, followed by the food shop I did yesterday where I swapped branded products for supermarket own brands in a bid to save money, and I have to say the result surprised me!

3 Apple and grape snack packs
2 loose bananas
Grape snack pack
300g coleslaw
500g clover butter
350g cathedral mature cheddar
5 Muller corner yogurts
4 pack petit filous rice pudding
2 x petit filous fromage frais
450g lamb chops
430g Hunters chicken
400g diced chicken breast
8 pack richmond sausages
125g pack of ham
4 fresh cream eclairs
6 pack crossaints
6 pack Mr Kipling angel cake slices
6 pack cadbury mini rolls
3 x batchelors packet pastas
2 packs savoury rice
390g chopped tomatos
4 packs batchelors noodles
Pataks korma sauce
4 pack sharwood mini naans
500g homepride pasta bake
Pack of chocolate biscuits
Pack of jaffa cakes
4 pack diary milk
2 x tinned rice pudding
Birds eye crispy chicken
630g black forest gateau
4 x birds eye fish in batter
1kg mccain french fries
Birds eye ready meal chicken korma with rice
Sharwoods ready meal sweet and sour chicken with rice
12 pack yorkshire puddings
Goodfellas pizza
3 x coca cola 2 litre
Robinsons sqaush
Ready baby meals x 13 
Total price £97.28

440g pasta sauce
Cucumber portion
4 pack chicken and veg pies
Sweet and sour cooking sauce
400g Bourbon cream biscuits
300g Rich tea biscuits
4 x 120g packet pasta
2 x 120g savoury rice
280g caramel bars
1.5kg frozen chips
300g coleslaw
48pk weetabix
500g pasta bake sauce
4 x 420g baked beans
2.5kg potatoes
5 pack chocolate cake bars
10 x baby ready meals
150g cheese and tomato pizza
600g pack clementines
125g pack of ham
12 pack of crisps
70g grape snack pack
2 x sweet and sour chicken ready meal
2 x corner yogurts
2 x cheeseburger and chips meal
2 x curry and rice ready meal
2 x sausage and mash ready meal
Apple crumble
6 pack fromage frais
100g cheddar cheese
420g curry sauce
4 pack bean and cheese melt
350g chicken breast fillets
345g pepperono pizza 
Total price £49.75
All in all its been a great success, and amounts to a massive saving of approximately £190.12 a month!!!
The only thing left now is the taste test! I am hoping that the quality of food isn’t as reduced as the price!

Do you have any great saving ideas? Comment below or follow me on twitter @katie4_16

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