Stay At Home vs Working Mum

It’s a real struggle after you become a mum to decide what is the best thing to do not only for you but your family as well. Do you return to work or do you stay at home? Maybe, like us you don’t have much of a choice? I had to return to work because we really couldn’t do without the extra income. When I first went back to work I did 3 days a week but this didn’t work out as my husband works shifts so I dropped down to two days. We really couldn’t afford do lose a days pay but we didn’t have a choice.

So how do you find that perfect work life balance?


I want to be a good role model for my children so I therefore want to work as I believe that is the right thing to do, but I have absolutely no judgements over stay at home mums.

As iv said previously, I work two days a week and I’m home the other five days with my children.
Recently however though I had the opportunity to temporarily work full time for a just over a month.

I didn’t really hesitate at saying yes as its extra money that we could really do with. My husband and I have previously talked about the possibility of me returning to work full time, and we had decided that realistically it wouldn’t be possible. Our children are only aged 3 and 4, my 3 year old is in nursery for half a day and my 4 year old attends for a full day.

So our first hurdle would be childcare. We’d need somebody to take them to school and then do two separate pick ups as well as stay with them until one of us returned home from work. We are very lucky in that I have amazing parents in law who have offered to do this for us.

I would say that working two days a week I am very lucky in that I able to spend a lot of time with my children. However being in work five days a week has made me see things differently. I can see that being home more I would get stressed and wound up at a lot at just little things, and I even though I was at home I was spending all of my time with my children, I’d be on my phone or doing household chores.

However since I have been five days a week I have definitely made a change. When I am in work I obviously miss my children but it has made me realise that what time I do have with them really is precious and I have been concentrating more on letting the little things go and actually sitting down and playing with them and just listening to them and it made me see how much I took it for granted before.


I will soon be back down to part time hours and knowing what I know now and what I have learned I will be making the most of my time with my children, putting my phone away and leaving the chores until they’re in bed before I do them.

As they say time really does go too quick and before you know it it’ll be gone, and I want my children to look back and remember that mummy played with them, and was silly and entertained them. There really isn’t a right or wrong here. It literally is just finding out what works best for you and your children. 

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