Spooky Halloween Ideas For Kids

My children have never really celebrated Halloween, is that
the right word? Maybe enjoyed Halloween is better. I am not a massive fan of it
I have to admit, I don’t take the children trick or treating, in my opinion as
parents we teach them not to take sweets from strangers but when it comes to
Halloween we encourage them to knock on strangers doors and beg for them.
Mainly I just don’t like the idea. When they are old enough of course if they
want to go  trick or treating with their
friends I wouldn’t stop them but while they’re young I don’t feel the need for
them to engage in this particular activity.


We do of course allow them to dress up as it’s all part of
the fun, and they usually attend the schools Halloween disco, but that has been
about the extent of their Halloween activities.


I have decided that this year we will take part in some
activities at home for Halloween as my little boy has been asking what we’re
doing for it. So if you’re stuck for some ideas why not give some of these a


Bake some Spooky biscuits
All kids love baking I imagine so why not bake your very own
spooky biscuits for your kids to decorate with icing and sprinkles.


halloween biscuits
Paint Hand Spiders
This one is easy peasy. Simply paint their hands, press them
onto paper, let them paint a bit more if they wish, maybe add a cobweb or too
and some googly eyes!

Turn yourself into a mummy!
We all know this one I’m sure. Get the toilet/kitchen roll
out and wrap yourselves up as mummy’s, who will be the scariest!

Ghost Hunt
Print off some spooky characters and hide them around your
home. Your kids can go trick or treating to find them, but the characters be
hiding tricks or treats! Add some gummy worm sweets or maybe a pumpkin for them
to find!
trick or treat
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