Snuggle Sac Review

Our children have always been good sleepers… once they’ve fallen asleep!

Usually we put them to bed around 7pm, they’re 4 and 5 years old. My daughter generally stays in her bed playing with her toys, or we quite often hear her singing to herself but she always ends up falling asleep on her own.
My little boy however likes to get in and out bed a lot! We close tuck him in, close the door and within a few minutes he comes wandering out of his bed. Although this doesn’t normally go on for much longer than 15/20 minutes, most nights he will get up early hours and wander into our bed with us, and while we don’t mind this as he never disturbs us and does go straight to sleep, it would be nice if he stayed in his own bed!

Snuggle Sac

When I saw Snuggle Sac for the first time I thought it looked amazing and would surely encourage him to stay in his own bed.

snuggle sac

Snuggle Sac caters to toddlers right up to adults! Brightly coloured and inspired by
children’s favourite games, soft and cosy, with 100% cotton lining, these child-sized
Snuggle Sacs will comfortably fit anyone under 4ft 9 whether they’re in their own bed, or at a sleepover, snuggling on the sofa or in the back of the car during a long journey. They also come with a 1 year guarantee. You can also personalise your Snuggle Sac with an embroided name or add a blanket for an extra cost.

Tina, the owner of the brand came up with the idea for Snuggle Sac when her own young son would wake up cold during the night with his covers on the floor and then not wanting to stay in his own bed. She realised if he felt some connection with the
sleeping bag, in much the same way as a teddy bear, he’d want to take it to bed
and hopefully stay there. It was an instant success with him.
I was happily sent the Dog Sleeping Bag. Designed like a Dalmatian. My sons favourite soft toy is a dog so I knew he would love this.
snuggle sac

The 180cm children’s Snuggle Sac retails at £50 and the toddlers 150cm is £40. There is a lovely range of designs for both boys and girls to choose from.

These are 5.2 tog, so equivalent to a duvet of approx 10 tog and continually machine wash at 40 degrees and tumble dry if needed. Sacs have 100% cotton linings so feel
really cosy to sleep in. They send each Snuggle Sac out with a free tote bag making it easy to store and carry around. The Snuggle Sac is designed to replace bedding, this saves washing all those sheets and pillow cases.
snuggle sac

When the Snuggle Sac arrived I was pleasantly surprised by just how good a quality the item is; it feels very padded and cosy and is a fantastic size! It fits perfectly into my sons toddler bed.

snuggle sac
The design is just adorable especially with the added tail! I love that it zips up like a
sleeping bag; making getting out of bed a bit less easy for him! The reverse
side is all one bright red colour.
snuggle sac

My son was excited going to bed the first night with his sac, he actually couldn’t wait to go to bed! He crawled inside and we zipped him, he was pointing out the eyes
and counting the spots!

My son loves being cuddled before bed and I think that the Snuggle Sac gives him a part of that secure feeling, he actually stayed in his bedroom and in his bed all
Overall I would highly recommend the Snuggle Sac to anybody who has a child who struggles to stay in their own bed and it would also make transitioning from a toddler bed to a single bed much easier for him when the time comes. It is also perfect to take on holiday trips and be used in hotel beds as well as sleepovers and camping!
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