AD| Making S’mores with the Certainly Wood Fire Starter Kit

We were recently sent a Fire Starter Kit by Certainly Wood to help us make our very own s’mores. Certainly Wood sell kiln dried fire wood, kindling and flamers fire starters. They have been established since 2006 and have grown significantly from producing 1,000 tonnes of barn dried firewood to now, over 16,000 tonnes of premier kiln dried firewood and 2,500 tonnes of poplar kindling wood, making them the UKs largest producer.

Certainly Wood

• Certainly Wood is very much about British family business, built on the values of trust. Heritage and premium quality.
• All the firewood and kindling is made from sustainable British woodland within just 100 miles from Hereford.
• The company prides itself on a high level of knowledge and friendly customer service from a dedicated team that are passionate about wood, firewood production and providing support for local communities and charities.

What’s in the box

• Kiln Dried Logs
• Kiln Dried Kindling
• Flamers Natural Firelighters (3 pack)
• A handy box of matches

• Marshmallows
• 2 x Chocolate Bars
• 1 pack biscuits
• Wooden Skewers

Certainly Wood Starter Kit

Starting The Fire

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about starting a fire in my back yard. I was worried about big it would be, and how we would put it out. However I needn’t have worried as everything went smoothly. Following the instructions on the box was very simple.

Certainly Wood Firewood

You will need a fire pit, chiminea or portable grill for example. Luckily I was able to borrow my sisters grill. We stacked the logs, kindling and firelighter as instructed then used the matches to get the fire started. The firelighter caught a small flame quickly. Within around 10 minutes the logs had caught we had a pretty good fire going.

Kiln dried firewood

The kids were super excited to toast their marshmallows, we also melted the chocolate for them to be dipped in and had the biscuits on standby to create our s’mores.


Making The S’mores

On first attempt my husband did burn a marshmallow and quickly discovered that if left under the flame too long they do catch fire! Holding the marshmallow over the flame until it has a nice shine to it or is slightly toasted is just right. They were really easily to make and oh so delicious. My daughter loved the s’mores with the biscuits, my son much preferred dunking them into the chocolate.


As far as extinguishing the fire goes, there is no need. You simply allow it to burn out by itself, or add more logs to get the fire going again. Burning kiln dried logs ensures your stove is kept clean and prevents a build-up of soot. Kiln dried logs also provide you with a consistent product that you can rely on every time, unlike ‘seasoned logs’ which can be inconsistent in terms of their moisture content due to the natural and varied drying process.


I would highly recommend Certainly Wood for all your firewood needs. We thoroughly enjoyed making the fire and the s’mores, although if we were to make them again I think we would purchase a chiminea to direct the smoke up as with the grill the smoke does spread around more and can make your eyes water.

The Starter Kit is only £10! Which I think is absolutely amazing value considering how much is in the box. Plus you can earn loyalty points on your purchases. This kit is everything you need for the perfect fire, whether you intend to make s’mores whilst camping or just to keep you warm on the cooler evenings while entertaining in the garden.

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