Sisterhood Of The World – Blogger Award

    Thank you to my sister Emily who blogs at TwinMummyAndDaddy for nominating me for this award. Here are my answers to her questions. 

    How long have you been blogging?

    My blog has just celebrated its two years running!

    What’s been your biggest achievement in life to date?
    My biggest achievement is definitely bringing my two children into the world I couldn’t imagine life without them. 
    What’s your happiest moment in life?
    Marrying my husband it was an amazing day but went far too quickly. 
    Do you have any rules that you live your life by?
    Not really I just take each day as it comes. We’re quite spontaneous and don’t really plan much ahead. 
    If you had an extra hour every day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?
    Sadly I’d like that extra hour to catch up on all the housework but I know it would be spent entertaining the kids!

    What’s your favourite takeaway?
    Chinese I love Chinese takeaway 🙂

    Where’s the last place you went on holiday?
    Last place we went on holiday was to Tenby for our family honeymoon. 
    If you won one million pounds how would you spend it?
    First I’d pay off all our debts, buy a nice house with a garden, and make sure all my family and friends are sorted too then a nice new car and family holiday to Disney world!
    Have you ever met anyone famous?
    Iv met Greg Davies from the inbetweeners at a comedy club in Cardiff. 
    If you were to become famous what would it be for?
    I’d like to think it’d be for doing something good like finding a cure for cancer although my husband says I should become a comedian!
    I nominate Claire at MumsWordCardiff to answer the same questions above.  
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