Simple Happy Parenting – Book Review

Simple Happy Parenting

We all need a helping hand from time to time, but just in case you haven’t got anyone available to speak to right away, you can pick up a copy of Simple Happy Parenting.

Simple Happy Parenting
Simple, Happy Parenting, is a guide full of easy solutions and tips for a slower and calmer approach to parenting. Denaye Barahona, Ph.D covers everything from meal planning and waste reduction to choosing toys and positive discipline strategies to allow parents to create more time and allow children to progress and flourish.

Practical Tips

The book is full of practical tips to help you step back from the system overload so common in modern family life and, instead, create more time to enjoy living and learning together. Simple Happy Parenting is an honest and practical roadmap for all families striving for balance.

Simple Happy Parenting
To help get you started you can start living with this simple manifesto: Buy less. Fear less. Referee less. Hurry less. Entertain less.

Be More Mindful

I have always loved the idea of minimalism, however having two children this never worked out. We have toys stuffed in boxes in the living room and then more toys in the bedrooms. After reading this book it did get me thinking. Less is most definitely more. The less toys they have the more they will have to use their imaginations to create role play and entertainment for themselves.

The book also suggests a more curated wardrobe. A smaller, carefully selected wardrobe reduces stress. And a structured, nourishing meal time creates more relaxed family dinners. By creating a window before and after dinner you are prepared to say no to your children when they ask for snacks as that time before hand when you’re cooking, and the clean-up time after all count as dinner time.

Simple Happy Parenting
After reading Simple Happy Parenting it has made me think more mindfully. I feel I am more aware in terms of what we choose to surround ourselves with in our home. It is not just about parenting it is about creating a more relaxing atmosphere in your home too.

Easy Reading Time & Again

Simple Happy Parenting is an easy to read book and it certainly puts a lot of things into perspective. No one is perfect and we can’t expect to be perfect parents either but this book can show you how to live a more holistic and thoughtful life by following simple easy advice and tips.

The book is one that I can see myself referring back on time after time, it would make a wonderful gift for new parents. It is definitely worth a read.

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