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At 38 weeks pregnant with my second baby you’d think I’d know what to expect… Well I believe I know mostly what to expect during the actual labour but quite often second pregnancies can start differently to first pregnancies.

With my daughter I was convinced she would be early or at least born close to her due date. But ten days and a good few sweeps later she finally arrived. 
Here are some of the signs and symptoms to look for that labour has begun;
• The Show – this is the expulsion of the mucus plug that has kept your cervix closed and protected. It can come out all at once or bit by by. 
• Backache – not your usual back ache but a low persistent ache that can make you feel very uncomfortable, often described as a similar ache to period pain.  
• Flu like symptoms – feeling nauseas, vomiting and diarreah. This is a sign that your body is having a clear out and making extra space to allow your baby to be born smoothly. It can be an indicator if hormonal changes. 
• Regular Contractions – this is a pretty good sign that you’re well on your way to meeting your newborn. Your womb will contract giving you tightening pains which will become more intense and closer together. 
• Waters breaking – not always as a big gush but your waters can break and you may just feel a trickle. Only about 12% of labours start with waters breaking. 
How did your labour start? Was your little born on their due date?
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14 thoughts on “Signs Of Labour

  1. This is really useful! I have 5 weeks till my due date so I've been reading up about the signs a lot lately. Only problem is any tiny sign of a back ache or flu-like symptoms I'm convinced Rabbit is coming! haha

    Fellow co-host @ #binkylinky

    1. Hi Jessica thanks for your comment. I'm exactly the same even second time round. Any small sign and I'm ready with my hospital bag! 2 weeks to go though so I may have a while longer.
      All the best xx

  2. I was one of the 12%, my labour started with my waters going but I wasn't sure until midwives confirmed in the morning. I wonder how a next pregnancy labour could be different #binkylinky

  3. My signs of labour were fairly textbook. I lost my plug on the Tuesday, had a show on the Thursday, lower back pain Friday evening, waters broke Saturday morning, baby born Saturday afternoon (five days early as it happens).

    If I am fortunate enough to be pregnant again, I hope my labour is as straight forward as last time. I was very lucky.

    I love hearing about other people's birth stories SO much. Although now that I've done it, I must admit I do feel a bit nervous for prospective new mums because, let's be honest, it bloody hurts!!!



  4. I didn't really need this with my second as I had a planned C-section I suppose I should of looked out for the signs I just presumed he wouldn't come early! I miss pregnancy one of my favorite times of my life! great post #BinkyLinky

  5. I plan to look into all of this as I get further along (still have over 3 months to go) this was a nice introduction for me. I've heard of water breaking but I didn't know it happened to such a low percentage of pregnancies. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I was induced with first (only 4h labour – 3 weeks early() So had no idea what to expect with second. 4days before dd had few tummy cramps at night. Thought was just BH. Woke up at 3am with waters going, left our house at 3.56am (I clock watched!) Having quite strong but v irregular contractions, got to hosp & mw was going to send me home without checking me as contractions were still 5/10 mins apart. Next thing I knew I had urge to push and when she checked I was 10cm dilated. No time for my water birth, or any pain relief whatsoever, two pushes and Alex flew out at 4.48, less than an hour after getting to hospital. Perfect birth 🙂 listen to your body! X

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