Sibling Age Gap

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time I was over the moon. We found out we were expecting a little girl, and I always knew we’d have another but what is the best sibling age gap?

There is an 18 month age gap between my children. My daughter was born October 2012 and my son March 2014. 

We always knew we wanted them close together for many reasons;

  • They can grow up together
  • They’ll always have each other / a friend
  • No need to buy new baby items you can reuse what the first baby had
  • Get the baby stage out the way quicker
  • Less impact on the older child when the new baby arrives (they’ll feel like they’ve always had each other) resulting in less jealousy. 

However there are obviously some downsides to have such a small age gap between siblings;

  • Your body may not have fully recovered from your first labour
  • Even more sleep deprivation
  • Looking after your first child while pregnant is also hard going 
  • There’s also childcare costs to take into consideration as well for when you return to work if it’s needed
  • Additional cost for extra car seat/cot etc
  • New baby wakes eldest child and therefore can have a negative impact on their routine especially if it is a good one
  • You will have them fighting for your attention and you only have one pair of arms so it may feel like choosing one over the other
  • It is hard work
Each child may also have a different routine. For example my son usually naps around 11/11.30 for an hour or so but his sister has recently started nursery school and finishes at 12pm so Iv had to move his nap in order to be able to pick my daughter up on time. 
I think whether you decide to have a small sibling age gap or a big between sibling age gap there will always be pros and cons and you just have to work with what’s best for your situation. What is the sibling age gap between your children?
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