Should You Ever Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

Should you ever discipline someone else’s child? have you? For example at the soft play or park maybe.

I’m not saying that my children are perfect, when we go out they are pretty much always well behaved, but in the house it can be a different story. If they’re bored they can get a little mischievous but I imagine that’s the same with most children.


So here is a scenario; you’re at the soft play and you see another child pushing your child around, or taking toys off them. The child’s parents can see what they’re doing but don’t react. What would you do?
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It can be a very awkward situation to be in but it happens a lot. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem explaining to that child that what they’re doing is wrong and that they need to stop. Not only does this let them understand that this behaviour isn’t right but it also shows my own children the same and that it is okay to tell somebody if someone isn’t being nice to them.
Of course there are alternative solutions you could approach the parent as well and let them know what is happening, although from past experience some don’t react well to this although I am not sure why, as if it was my child I would certainly want to know if they were misbehaving.
If a child is acting up and is nothing to do with us or involving us, of course then I wouldn’t intervene as that may be seen as you telling the parent they’re not doing a good job. But if a child is kicking the back of my chair on the bus and the parent doesn’t step up then I of course would turn around ask the parent if they could tell them to stop.
All kids are naughty from time to time, and if you do find yourself in a situation where you need to say something, remember to stay calm and friendly, as you never know it could be your own child misbehaving next time, but I would certainly get up and stop my child from doing something they shouldn’t be doing and I wouldn’t have a problem telling someone else’s child that they need to stop what they’re doing if they’re misbehaving.
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2 thoughts on “Should You Ever Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

  1. Interesting one … every parent has had to face this one. I really do think you have to be measured in how you approach the whole matter, if their child is doing something naughty, but if they don't respond positively, or at least, listen respectfully to what you have to say, then you know why the child is naughty in the first place! #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Absolutely, needs to done in an appropriate manner talking the parent if possible would be the best solution but I have talked to the children before saying nicely I don't think you should be doing that but yes discipline should start in the home and be carried forward if in a public setting

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