Should Schools Teach Basic Life Skills?

I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy school, and I didn’t really put my all into concentrating in lessons. My mind would drift off onto other things. I mean why did I need to know the life cycle of a flower, or trigonometry? I much preferred catching up with my friends and playing ‘love, marry, avoid!’

Pointless subjects?

I truly believe that the school curriculum is flawed. The curriculum defines what children are taught and what performance level should be achieved. For far too long now children have been made to listen to and learn quite frankly pointless subjects which are of no interest to the majority of the nation. Of course not all of the subjects are pointless I do believe that mathematics and English should most certainly be taught. But what about life skills?
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What should they teach

Basic life skills that can genuinely help your children. Such as;
  • Money Management – taught from a young age through pocket money, role playing such as playing shop keeper, bills, savings, taxes, mortgages and budgeting.
  • Nutrition – what is good nutrition, what your body needs and how to read the labels on products.
  • Basic Cooking – I am not the best cook and I hate this fact. I had to teach myself how to cook and I am still not brilliant and make many mistakes but I am quite proud that I am able to cook a Sunday dinner for four people. Surely basic cooking skills would be more important than learning what the boiling point of water is? (…It’s when it makes those little bubbles, why do I need to know the temperature?!)
  • Health and Fitness
  • Survival skills – for example if you find yourself in deep water you should float not try to swim and use up all your energy, how to treat wounds – basic first aid and maybe even self-defence.
Yes it is good to have an impressive CV and further education should achieve this, going into college and university should then be a stepping stone to further your knowledge in the subjects that you need to achieve your career choice.
I truly believe schools should teach more life skills over subjects, but as parents we should be the first ones to implement these basic skills.
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2 thoughts on “Should Schools Teach Basic Life Skills?

  1. Yes definitely, Life skills are needed, even my eldest daughter (21) said a few weeks back, school is all well and good but basic skills need to be incorporated as she honestly didn't have a clue with money management or cooking really. So it was up to us to help her and there is only so much we can do once she has flown the nest.
    The funny thing is my little brother goes to a special needs school and they DO teach life skills. So if that school (also run and funded via the government) can do it why can't the others

    1. Hi Rachel
      Thanks for your comment, I do feel like the school system needs a major overhaul times have changed and they need to change with them. So glad to hear that your brothers school teaches life skills and exactly, why can't other do it.
      I do remember having cooking class in high school but even for this we had to bring in tinned ingredients!

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